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    Angry Help a vol cant make 4 calls a month!

    We have a bit of a problem here in SE Colorado that maby somebody can help me with. On my department we set a bare minimum of calls you need to attend. 2 fire and 2 ambulance are all that is required, all of which include being stood down and even if you come and help clean up you get "credit". This is a bare minimum that everybody blows out of the water having approx 5 calls a day, except one person. Well before I get to far along let me explane some more. If you dont make it in one month you are brought in during our monthly bussiness meeting and have a talk to to see if everything is going ok or if you have some problems that this committie can help you with and is concidered a verbal warning nothing more just to infom that person. The second month if you dont make it you are brought in the same way and the only difference is that you get a typed formal letter concerning the event. If you make it to the third month and still havent made 4 calls It is put before the descression of the three cheifs. But dont get me wrong we are verry leinyent we do take families and jobs in to heavy concideration. Let me explane a little about that. The vol department provides manpower for the City and County fire departments and One county ambulance service, and also having a vol Cheif to step in in their absence for command decisions. Anyways continuing if at any time you do make the required minimum the whole process is erased and nothing is in the persons personell file. This one person Seems to have a problem committing to this department I personaly think. Everything from not following orders at a scene to causing problems in the ranks. basicly a pain in the neck. The only problem is that she is not making these calls. In a nutshell the department dose not like her and it is not from a problem of not trying. We thought we would play nice and try to cater to her needs but she still blows us off and spreads nasty roomers around town and to other departments.There have even been false threts of the dreded SEXUAL HARRASSMENT. Maybe I am just venting but does anybody have any advice? All help would be apreiciated.

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    Default Re: Problem

    The first item you should consider is providing the established membership requirements/guidelines to each member in writing. The policy of maintaining percentage must be understood by each and every firefighter.

    Second- if there are rumors of sexual harassment circulating; do not put yourself in any compromising situations with the party in question. There can be no room for sexual inuendos or comments that she may find offensive.

    Third- Each and every review of firefighters' percentages needs to be documented AND consistent with the established policy. You can NOT expect to grant some members special exemptions, without this coming back to haunt you. Each member has to be treated equally. If extenuating circumstances exist, that needs to be part of the documentation.

    If this member fails to meet the established criteria and you have the documentation, the case is closed. However, ALL cases must be treated equally and consistent with the policy.

    Originally posted by firefighterf_07
    ...2 fire and 2 ambulance are all that is required...
    I'd call that a very reasonable request, considering you have 5 runs per day. The person must have other interests.
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    Default Problem People

    if at any time you do make the required minimum the whole process is erased and nothing is in the persons personell file.

    Thatís being too lenient. The problem with this is if the person does conform to the standards to get it out of the personnel folder, they can turn around and start slacking off again as soon as you take it out and you will have to start all over again.

    Most places keep personnel actions in personnel folders for a certain amount of time before it can be taken out. And Iím talking years, not dayís or months. This way you have something to fall back on if the person doesnít shape up.

    Try this rule; Any adverse action placed in a personnel folder will remain in the folder for a minimum of 1 year. After the one year the individual can request a review of the personnel folder and if they have a clean record for the one year they can request the adverse action be removed from the folder.

    One other thing to remember, document, document, document, especially with a problem person. Thatís what personnel folders are for, to document the personís history.


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    Does or has this person attended the needed/required training? Are you overloaded with members that having one who doesn't show up that often is not needed? Does this person cause any true problems? Rumors about them spreading stories or threatening harrassment. Are these true or is it simply other people not liking this member trying to cause them trouble? Facts and documentation are what will enable you to deal with this individual in a safe way, any other way and you may be risking more than it's worth. You mention they do not follow orders on calls, but if they are failing to make at least 4 calls a month, when are they refusing orders? Don't get feelings involved, go by the facts and the facts alone. Any other way and you are looking for more trouble....if...that person wishes to push the issue. Good Luck.

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    It's all about documentation. You need to stick to your written policies and treat everyone as equals. It seems that if this person is as much of a pain in the ___ as you make her sound, it should be no problem gettin her off of your hands, with the proper paper trail.
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