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    Default Rescue Squad Tax Debate

    I am from Kentucky and proud of it. However I read an article today that made my jaw drop. There is a rescue squad in one of the counties in our state that is trying to institue a property tax for their squad. The fiscal has said that they supplement the squad out of the general fund, and there is no need for the tax. Their funding is $1,000 a year. Yep, thats right 10 $100 bills to run a rescue squad for a year. However, what made my blood boil, was that the library get 5 cents on the hundred dollars property tax. Their annual budget $150,000. They are in bad shape though, as they need a new bookmobile. The librarian said it would cost about $30,000 which is about what the total revenue would be for the rescue squad if the tax is approved. Its sad that some of our brothers ans sisters have to even work in conditions like that. I urge you to read the story, if for no other reason, to realize how good most of us have it. The story can be found @ www.hultgren.org , under Crittenden Rescue Tax.

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    Wow, tighten their belts on $1000 a year.
    As horrible as it sounds, if they won't fund it, withdraw the service. Advise them that it is impossible to adequate run the service on the money provided therefore we will have to withdraw the service. End of story.
    Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. If we're willing to do it for nothing, why should they pay for it?

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