Good morning to all brother and sister firefighters!

I'm new to the site, so please bare with me as I learn the little stuff to navigate the site.

Until my register as a member, I have read many posts and replys to topics of great interest and concerns to the members of our service and the organizations themselves. Everyone posting appears to have excellent back ground and knowledge.

I would like to use these talents to develop yet another forum within - TRAINING. In essence, we are going just that in each of the individual forums, but could consolidate more issues for easier reference by having this TRAINING forum established.

What do you think? And how would be go about asking to set this up?

I look forward to working with each of you in the future, particularly as time allows in my (our) schedules.

Take care to you all and be safe. Remember, watch for those secondary devices (incident occurrences) that present additional dangers![FONT=arial][COLOR=blue]