They were doing their duty to serve and protect but who could have known that so many would fall.
In an instant our lives were changed forever under the rubble of a building that had once stood so tall.
Smoke and dust filled the skies and we heard the wounded’s cries and the piercing alarms of our brothers we could not save.
Every firefighter on earth wanted to run to the search even if it meant facing the grave.
As time marched along we began to realize what was gone and curse the evil that struck from so far away.
Filled with unbearable sorrow the Eagle cried wait till tomorrow for I promise all that are responsible will pay.
As our Nation prepares for war we all stand united and fiercely determined not just to settle a score.
We will fight for the safety and freedom of our children without ceasing until all of their fears are no more.
Still the pain and the anguish from the loss of our brothers is a sorrow that will not seem to fade.
Where are the answers to all of our questions and how can anyone ever justify the price that they paid.
I myself looked to heaven for peace and for comfort and for His explanation of how or why.
Although the sadness will never completely fade from my heart I now feel I know a reason so many good people had to die.
As evil, hatred, and destruction rage more intensely on earth so do the fires that burn deep in hell.
The battle has gone on through the ages but there is no fire like the fire that is found deep where dragons dwell.
Our brothers still sever and protect us each and ever day though we do not see them standing by our side.
They now fight the fire that was intentionally set by Satan they are part of the department that keeps all of us alive.
He knew of the sadness that would be felt down on earth but there was only one way to protect the world from harm.
So with a voice full of confidence but a heart filled with sorrow God sounded a second alarm.
The fight still goes on but once again the fires of hell are decreasing and deep inside all of us knew.
That when it is God Himself that sounds a second alarm only the very best firefighters will do.