Found this in the meet and greet section. If any of you can, please send this child a patch for his quilt.

I want to tell you about a sick little boy name Bradlee T. He likes to be called "Fireman Bradlee" the Urbana, Illinois Fire Department has "Adopted" him. He even has his own little firesuit with his last name on it. When Bradlee heard about the 911 tradegy he had his Mom send his "love quilt" to New York so that the Firemen could feel safe. (It always made him feel safe) Isn't that the sweetest thing? His Mom would like to make him another quilt. It was made with different patches from several Fire Stations Would you please send him a patch? You can e-mail me for his address.
Thank you for your time and may God Bless you and keep you safe.
Thank you for keeping us all safe.

check out his web site

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