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    Post Captain Terrence Hatton- RESCUE 1

    (New York-AP) -- The widow of a fire captain killed in the
    September eleventh terrorist attacks has given birth to a baby
    girl, who was named after her father.
    Beth Petrone-Hatton learned that she was pregnant just days
    after her husband, 41-year-old Captain Terrence Hatton, was killed
    at the World Trade Center.
    Sunny Mindel, a spokeswoman for former mayor Rudolph Giuliani,
    says Petrone-Hatton gave birth on May 15th to a seven and a half
    pound baby girl named Terri Elizabeth.
    Petrone-Hatton worked as Giuliani's personal assistant for 17
    years. Giuliani officiated at the Hattons' wedding at the mayoral
    mansion on the Upper East Side on May 16th, 1998.
    Hatton was captain of Rescue One, one of the department's elite
    units. Eleven of its 26 members perished; his body was recovered
    from the site on September 28th.
    Petrone-Hatton says she thinks the baby resembles her late

    (Copyright 2002 by The Associated Press.

    Terri Elizabeth....your Dad was an "outstanding" individual. God bless you, to Beth and your family!
    Terrence and our brothers will not be forgotten!
    Proudly serving as the IACOJ Minister of Information & Propoganda!
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    GOD BLESS THIS CHILD, HER BRAVE FATHER WILL BE REMEMBERED FOR THE HERO HE WAS. Great job, Mom. Our prayers will always be with you and the family.
    The Heroes' Cross, helping to keep the promise .......... to 'never forget'. Dedicated to the 343 FDNY heroes, donated to their families. God Bless.

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    Default Captain Terry Hatton

    This little message is for Terri Elizabeth. Your Dad will
    always be there looking out for you

    "God Bless the fallen members of the FDNY, thier families and Loved ones"
    Please never forget 9/11

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    Default Capt. Hatton

    Never to be Forgotten

    After working at Ground Zero for 17 days It hit me hard. But my work was not as great as the ones that lost their lives. All those firefighters that ran in there are my HEROES

    This baby has been brought into this world and for sure she is DADDY's little ANGEL!

    I purchased one of memorial bracelets and so happens that it is Terry Hatton's name that is on the bracelet. Everyday I look down at it and say a prayer.

    TERRI-ELIZABETH - you are DADDY's ANGEL and an angel to represent all of those fallen FF that went up to heaven.

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    Thumbs up

    One nation under God ...indeed.
    God bless you Terri...and you too Terry.

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    God bless both Terry and Terri. My his young daughter always be reminded of how great a man her father was. Who knows...The future Chief of FDNY or the First Lady President of the U.S. may be born out of this disaster.

    Let's see her picture.....I know NJFFS_A16 can get that...He is so resourceful.
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    God bless mother and child. I had the pleasure of meeting Capt. Hatton a few times and he was a great guy. Hopefully baby Terri will ease Mrs. Hatton's pain knowing that she will have an everlasting piece of him; a beautiful child.
    "I have no ambition in this world but one, and that is to be a fireman. The position may, in the eyes of some, appear to be a lowly one; but we know the work which a fireman has to do believe that his is a noble calling."

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