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    Question Drug and Alcohol Policy

    Small 21 person volunteer department has been asked to develop a written drug and alcohol policy. Looking for any information on writing such a policy.

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    Kinda off thesubject but still related, how do you feel about random drug testing. I feel that a pre-employment drug test is ok but random testing without probable cause is a violation of unreasonable search and siezure. Do not get me wrong drugs and alcohol have no place in the emergency services but I have seen first hand someone who had taken a test and failed and was not disciplined according to policy because of who they were (they admitted in front of several companies right after the test that they were drunk on duty). Since that day I have changed my opinion on these random tests and just wanted to know how others feel on the subject.

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    Default Random Drug Testing

    I disagree with you on the random drug tests. It seems in the case you described, it is not the drug test which failed, but the disciplinary comittee of your department that did. In this case, the drug test identified a person who was impaired on shift and as such, suceeded as it should have.

    The fact that this person was not disciplined even after admitting he was drunk on shift is kind of shocking, and if I were you, I would have a good talk with whoevever is in charge of disipline in your department and let them know how you feel about this. Being impaired on shift endangers everyone responding to the call and I for one, would not stand for it in my department.

    Just my $.02

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    Below is a policy that I came up with for my old Volly Dept when I was Chief there. Hope that this helps you out a little. You will notice that we did not require random testing, this was fiscally based, what an unnessary expense, I would rather trust all unless there is any suspician then we would perform testing.

    Section 1: Policy Statement
    Section 2: Procedure

    As the Eagle Mountain Fire Dept (EMFD) recognizes drug use by members could be a threat to the public welfare and the safety of dept members, it is committed to the preservation of a drug-free workplace. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance is prohibited. Likewise, there shall be no alcohol consumption or use of unauthorized drugs during working hours for members, nor on dept premises for all members, or while any member is responding to a call. It is impermissible for any on-duty member to be under the influence of alcohol or unauthorized drugs which detrimentally affect their judgment or their ability to perform their duties in any way. In addition, in keeping with maintaining and presenting a professional image and appearance, alcohol consumption should be restricted prior to response. Reasonable and prudent use of prescription drugs (as directed by a physician) and/or "over the counter" drugs is not a violation of this policy.

    It is the goal of this policy to eliminate and prevent illegal and inappropriate drug usage through education and rehabilitation of the affected personnel.

    Members shall not be subjected to random medical testing involving urine or blood analysis or other similar or related tests for the purpose of discovering possible drug or alcohol abuse. If, however, objective evidence exists establishing reasonable suspicion to believe a member's work performance is impaired due to drug or alcohol abuse, the EMFD will require the member to undergo a medical test consistent with the conditions as set forth in the "Drug-Free Workplace/Drug Testing" Standard City Procedure.

    This policy statement shall be incorporated into the Dept Member Handbook.

    Section 2: PROCEDURE
    Refer to the "Drug-Free Workplace/Drug Testing"

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