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    Default Warning of a scam affecting fire and church fundraisers

    Just wanted to put this out there, a few weeks back my department held a chicken BBQ and a women came in as we were picking up and stated that her parents had been there earlier and got called to a family emergency. She went on to say that they had paid for 4 adult dinners and that her parents left before they recieved them. I offered to give her the dinners or refund them money, we all know that this just is good Public relations. She said that her parents were at the hospital and did not think they would still want the dinners, she used her cell phone to call what i thought were her parents, but what it looks like was a bogus call. she said that they did not care to have the dinners anymore but did pay for them. I then offered to refund the money for the dinners which she accepted. I had been runnign the inside part of the BBQ and had not seen anything like what she had described happen, but took her word for it. WEll come to find out today at leat 2 other fire depts and a couple churches in the area have been hit by the same type of incident. I would advise anyone out there to watch out for this, while im sure it is a localized deal one never knows.

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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas


    i'll pass it along to my department. our fish fry is coming up on june 8th.

    anyone in the area of waco on this day stop by and have some all you can eat catfish and other side dishes.
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