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    Default Blowing Out the B-Pillar reviewed

    Received a question from a Lt. with a Virginia department regarding clarification of information in a recent Univ of X article about the sidewall removal technique presented.

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    "I do not understand the use of a spreader to "cut" the backside of the B-pillar. Could you please elaborate on this. My first choice would be a reciprocating saw with a demo. blade or a hydraulic cutter. Also, how far do you cut to weaken it enough so that the door hinge does not blow before the base of the post tears away?"

    My Reply:
    When Blowing out the B-pillar, a spreader opens the rear door at the latch. A cutting tool makes a horizontal cut into the B-pillar below the bottom of the bottom hinge. As deep as is possible with a typical hydraulic cutter is sufficient.

    The power spreader is then placed into position. If we are talking about the driver's side operation for example, the right arm of the spreader is placed along the outside edge of the rocker. The left arm pushes against the
    bottom corner of the opened rear door. As the arms open, the part of the B-pillar above the cut will move outward. After several inches of movement, the spreader is closed and simply moved forward further. Again the right arm pushes off the outer edge of the rocker and the left arm can be placed against the bottom rear door hinge. The spreader keeps opening now as the spot welds of the B-pillar will begin to tear.

    Once the B-pillar is opened enough to tear completely off the rocker, the top of the B-pillar is cut through. With that done, the entire structure can be moved forward on the hinges of the front door. Remember that at some
    point, you have to cut the seatbelt.

    I've attached an image of the B-pillar Blow-Out evolution as seen from the tool operator's point of view. Maybe that will make it more clear.
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    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    Thanks Ron, going to try this tonight at drill. It is always a great help to have step by step and pictures to help refresh people with.

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    Thumbs up

    It's only been in the last 12 months or so that we've started to this over the actual cutting of the whole pillar.

    It does work well....

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