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    Unhappy Firefighter killed his wife

    Has anyone else heard about this story? Go to www.wfaa.com for details.

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    anyone hear of a motive?
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    Unhappy Details

    CELINA, Texas (AP) - Family members and friends tormented by the
    apparent randomness and cruelty of Amy Wingfield's death were
    stunned anew as police arrested her husband, Raymond, on a murder
    "Everyone of course is shocked and saddened by these tragic
    events. Nobody expected the husband to be a suspect, especially not
    here," said Celina Police Chief Billy Wilson, who escorted
    relatives to and from the Wingfield house Thursday.
    Raymond Horne, pastor of First Baptist Church in Celina, where
    Amy Wingfield's funeral was held Monday, said her relatives were
    anguished by the latest news.
    "I was with them this morning when the police came and shared
    with them their discovery," he said. "Basically, they were
    heartbroken, devastated and could not fathom it.
    "In a way they were relieved, but without joy because they
    loved Raymond. Their biggest concern is for the children, both
    families, and that's the way it should be."
    Police told them Raymond Wingfield had confessed to gunning down
    his wife of eight years in a hospital parking lot and was charged
    with her murder.
    Wingfield, 30, of Celina gave a statement about his involvement
    in the shooting of the 31-year-old mother of two and the wounding
    of another nurse last week. He also led investigators to a remote
    area where the rifle, believed to have been used in the shootings,
    was recovered.
    "The motive at this time, we believe, was marital problems and
    financial problems," McKinney police Capt. Robert Dean said.
    The Allen firefighter was in the Collin County Jail on Thursday
    in lieu of $300,000 bond.
    He was arrested Wednesday after calling the Collin County
    Sheriff's Department to Cottage Hill Cemetery, where his wife was
    buried Monday. He reported that someone he didn't know had shot at
    him and his pickup had two bullet holes in the windshield, McKinney
    police said.
    Deputies determined that the incident was staged, possibly
    because Wingfield was to undergo a lie detector test Thursday.
    "He was trying to deflect the focus from himself to some
    phantom shooter that didn't exist, and that was probably because of
    the polygraph," police Chief Doug Kowalski said.
    Charges were dropped earlier Thursday against Paul E. Wooley,
    46, and he was released from Collin County Jail. He had originally
    been charged with Amy Wingfield's slaying.
    Police said Wooley was never the only suspect, but he was
    arrested because he was a possible flight risk. He had been in
    custody since Saturday, when he was arrested in Amarillo.
    Wooley, speaking outside his house Thursday morning, said the
    whole ordeal left him confused.
    "I was just standing up in the middle of the cell and they came
    in and grabbed me and said, 'You're going home.' Until that time, I
    didn't know there was another guy they were looking at," Wooley
    said. "Until this morning, I didn't even know who was shot. I
    still don't know their names."
    The mother of a 7-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy was shot in
    the head May 16 after returning from lunch. Alisa Stewart, 40, of
    Plano, was shot in the back and was in stable condition Thursday at
    the North Central Medical Center in McKinney, a hospital
    spokeswoman said.
    Both women were nurses at a doctor's office in a nearby
    After McKinney police executed a search warrant at the Wingfield
    home in Celina, family members retrieved clothing from the home for
    the children. The relatives declined to comment.
    Wilson said the children were staying with Amy Wingfield's
    Acting Allen Fire Chief Craig Gillis said the department hadn't
    quite come to grips with the arrest of their co-worker.
    "We had one thought that Raymond was injured (emotionally) by
    some unknown attacker of his wife, and it turns out he was the
    attacker," Gillis was quoted as saying in Friday's editions of The
    Dallas Morning News. "We were deceived by that. We just don't know
    how to react ... yet."

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    So sad....I feel for those young kids.

    God Bless them.
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    I read somewhere that they couple had been having finincial and marital problems...still, that is no excuse to kill you wife and wound another person.
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