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    Default My Favorite . . . Rollover

    A Posting from Forum Moderator Ron Moore

    In my memory bank of the crashes I've responded to over the years, there are always those runs that were different than the others, unique from all the rest, the ones you'll never forget. I'll never forget my first extrication, my best rescue, the time I got hurt, the guy I spent so much time getting freed but then he died, my first crispy critter, and on and on.

    A related thread is discussing rollover crashes so I thought I'd share my favorite rollover story. I still smile when I think of this particular run. It's 06:55hrs and you're responding to an intersection for a reported crash. What made this my favorite rollover ever is the location we wound up at. While enroute, word comes that the crash is at the nearby McDonalds restaurant. To the surprise of responders, not only was the crash AT McDonalds, the rollover was IN the drive-thru.

    Turns out, the driver was an employee who pulled in on the east side of the building and needed to park on the west side. In his rush to pull to the other side, he decided to cut through the drive-thru. Driving too fast, he bounced off a curb, smashed into a corner of the building, spun around and rolled onto the passenger's side.

    The photo I took of the crash caught one of the employees inside looking out as if they're ready to take a customer's order. Just one of those calls you never forget.
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    Would you like fry's with that!!
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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas


    "Sir, I understand you are in a rush, but we don't open for another 5 minutes!"
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    My question is, "What did the 911 call sound like?" Let's hope the Drive Through attendant didn't make the call because lord knows we can't understand them...

    If the drive through attendant did make the call, my guess is the call must have sounded like something taken out of a "Peanuts" episode when the teacher calls on the phone........

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    Yep, I agree with FFTrainer: I would love to hear the dispatch recording trying to page out this call! I hope you guys got a free coffee out of it at least.
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    That's definitely an interesting one... I wonder what the drive through guy was thinking as the vehicle rolled on in... Try explaining that one to your friends!

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    Talking hehehehehehe!

    Things that make you go mmmmmm.....

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