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    Question Diverse Enough??

    This is a question regarding the versatility of the standard engine hose load.

    The district is urban/rural, everything from heavy industry, 4 story bricks, large balloon frame victorians, and farms, plus all in between. You just never know what kind of job you will get next. The district is covered from 2 stations with 3 engines and 2 tankers, 1 heavy rescue. Ariel support is close and will be special called when needed. All 3 engines have 2-3 pre-connected 1 3/4" and 1 2 1/2", all with adjustable nozzles, each have a deck gun and apprx. 1200-1400' 5" ldh, apprx. 3-400' of 2 1/2" deadlay.

    Has anyone found a special or different hose load that makes the Engines more versatile and how does it work?? Also any different nozzles or tools that are nice to have and for what?
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    On our 4 engine companies, all are set up the same as follows. 200'
    2 1/2" crosslay. In the rear from left to right 250' and 300' 1 3/4"
    attack lines with 15/16 solid bore nozzles. 2 divisions of 750' 3"
    supply line for dual feeders, and 150' and 200' 1 3/4" attack lines with automatic nozzles on the right side. All attack lines are packed in minuteman for easy deployment. Also each truck has a bumper mounted 100' trash line of 1 3/4". Solid bores are great for fire attack, most prefer them to automatic nozzles because of less steam conversion, more reach, more penetration, more water, less nozzle reaction and you can pump at a lower pressure. Only you cant hydraulically ventilate. Have solved this. You get a red ball nozzle,
    (the red plastic kind found on standpipes in hospitals and hi rises)
    you take off the 15/16 tip, attach this nozzle and you have a fog nozzle in a pinch.
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    Default Keep it Simple

    All Engine companies can be laid out for a wide varity of fires:

    x2 200ft 1.75 preconnects (one left and one off right side)
    x1 100ft 1.50 preconnect trashline off bumper or a booster reel
    x1 200ft duece and a half (try to go off top and not the rear, rear attack lines are a pain in the *** most of the time to deploy)
    x1 400ft 3" (or 2.5) w/ a skid of 150ft 1.75" in a horseshoe off a wye

    The 200ft 1.75 are great for small room and contents, kitchen fires, auto in a garage, etc..

    The 100ft trash line is great for simple autos, nuisance, dumpsters, etc...

    Skid loads are great for set-back residences, 3000 sq ft residences, commercial small fires, and long driveways.

    Duece and a half is great for commercial, lg houses, multi-room fires, and when GPM and penetration are needed.

    Don't forget the lost art of water cans. A well trained fireman and a water can can put out a lot of fire in advance of an attack crew. Don't just go blindly into this one though. It takes time, patience, and training to be proficient. It can be dangerous but it works.
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