Hello all, I have some good news to share about my life and a question id like to ask. First thing first, as of this friday May 31st I will offically graduate Island County Fire Training Academy. I have pass all the skills required and passed a fairly challenging written exam. Upon graduating i will be a FireFighter I. Id love tips, and any new knowlege that someone can give. Im not Gods gift to fighting fires, but I do plan on being the best I can.

Now for my question. Iv been a EMT for some time and I knew of a web page that I could go that had full out senerios. You cliked what you should do and stuff and it would move on with the senerio. The webpage was done by 2 guys. It didn't have the greatest graphics but it was a great page for keeping up some of my procedures. If any of you have visited that page or know of it it would be a great bit of help. Thank you very much for your support and help