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    Lightbulb Innovative uses for fire stations

    Just wonder if you guys, especially the ones in volunteer Depts, where money is (ahem), somtimes a little on the thin side had thought of opening up the station for money making schemes. The reason I ask is there was a very interesting article in one of the "less quality" newspapers over here a week or two back concerning the below. (Its not a direct quote from the cutting,but I think you will get the drift...)

    "Fire Chiefs have launched an investigation today after discovering, that one of their stations had been loaned out by a firefighter for the purposes of intimate, revealing and nude photography. Sub Officer ********, has been exposed today after a reporter and photographer from this newspaper answered an advertisment placed by the firefighter, advertising the fire station as a place wher "exhibitionist" males and females could come to and indulge their passions and take photographs of eachother in and around the fire station. The advert was placed in a "contact" magazine and when answered Sub Officer *****, who is also a military firefighter, revealed his "hobby" that its being photographed with nude & semi nude women in unusual places. After being shown around the station and invited to try on various items of equipment, our reportter allowed herself to be photographed (clothed in her underwear), alongside the fire engine. When it was suggested that she remove the rest of her clothing, they made their excuses and left.

    The fire service concerned (nameless for obvious reasons), confirmed today they were aware of the story and had commenced an enquiry into the matter and that if found to be correct, disciplinary action would follow"

    Just a thought guys, like I said....Somehow I don't think this one will catch on.... (Unless you know any different?? )
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    Just wonderin???

    Does the photograph with the reporter show him as an "Outsanding Firefighter."

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    There was an article o the FH.com main page a week or two ago about 3 NJ firefighters that met a band at a restaurant and invited them back to the fire station. Apparently, the beer flowed freely as the band took requests. Then they put on turnout gear and rode a fire engine around town in the middle of the night with the siren on. The band had pictures on their website. By the time I found the website, only one picture remained. I couldn't find the link to the story.
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