Hey guys, dealing with a touchy subject here. Im inquiring how/when/why/who gets your temporary promotion (or higher class) in your dept? Here our Deputy Chiefs (DC's for short) do it on their own merit and often use it as discipline- yes withhold it- towards firefighters they may not like. Some DC's spread out step up duty evenly, whereas others use seniority to decide. Is there any policies anywhere about stepping up firefighters/drivers/captains to temporary higher rank? We are city civil service and union, but nowhere in any rules is it listed how to deal with it.
Reason is, some firefighters brown-nose and get stepped up to driver alot more than others, while the drivers at the substations get all the captain step. The only captain that steps up to DC is the central station captain.
Is this fair and what gives a DC the right to decide how much I make?

BTW- My DC found out I asked about my step up time and threatened me over the phone to transfer me from my duty station and never give me any more higher class time/pay until a time he sees fit.