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    Firstly, I'd like to bless you guys on the work you do. I understand that most are volunteers - and unfortunately, until you're needed - you're not appreciated.
    I actually would like a like a bit of information.
    I work for a company who just invented a novel headlamp that lasts 3 times longer than conventional models. It's also almost half the weight of alkalines.
    My request is - what are the top 3 trade shows we should exhibit - in order to get the highest exposure to the community of buyers for Emergency and rescue, Forestry, Security forces etc. This product enables the lamps to last longer than an 8 hour shift - and not have to search for batteries in the middle of an important activity.
    Thanks for your advice,

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    See the little tag at the top that says "SHOP".

    give us a web site to look at the product and put yourselves in the shop listing.

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    Post RE: Invention

    As seen on this website, one of the larger expos is happening in July. Check out the following url
    I can't say whether it's too late to be an exhibitor. You should check soon!
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