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    Question For the New York Guys a ?? or anyone else that might know.

    When I first started on this job 17+ years ago we visted randalls Island and got to watch some of the probies in action on the tower with a pompier ladder. I would like to know three things ...1) Do you still carry these ladders ... 2) If you make a rescue with one, what is the class of award that you recieve and do you recieve any compenstation (ie: monies or special duty assignment). ...3) Do you know of any rescues made with these.
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    I got curious about the pompier ladder, and the website below was informative.

    "Pompier ladders are used in training for all FFOPs in the Boston fire Department drill school but they are no longer carried on the apparatus.

    When you hear about pompier ladders it conjures up thoughts of horse drawn apparatus and a colorful long gone era in firefighting history.

    But think again, The New York City Fire Department carried pompier ladders on their apparatus up until July 11, 1996 when they were officially placed out of service"

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    I was at the New England Fire & History museum this past weekend and showed my wife a pompier ladder. When I told her how a pair of them were used in scaling the outside of buildings she couldn't believe it. Chalk one more item up that proves we are all insane for being firefighters.
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    Default Pompier/Scaling Ladders

    The Pompier or Scaling Ladder was taken out of service in the FDNY in 1996 afer over 100 years in service. These were carried by all ladder companies. Currently they are still used at Randall's Island (The Rock) for training but as a confidence builder for probationary firemen.

    The use of the scaling ladders were very rare since aerials and later tower ladders were placed into service as this was a much safer means for rescue.

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    If I remember correctly, I feel alzheimers is setting in early here, the last FDNY rescue with a pompier ladder was in the late 1970s. I can't imagine trying to convince someone that they now have to climb down this little toothpick of a ladder to get away from the fire.

    As for climbing one myself? Well, if I'd have to do it to finish recruit school for the FDNY, I think I'd pretty much have to suck it up and press on. I only have to do it once. If anyone kicked the ladder, they'll be surgically removing it from their a%%.

    I have a book in my collection written by Paul Hashhagen who is on Rescue 1 in NYC and he wrote a book titled "A Distant Fire" about some of the guys who were in the FDNY dating back to its inception and teh rescues that they made. Some of these stories are absolutely mind blowing. Guys who scaled upwards of 10 floors with a pompier ladder to make a rescue. And some people think we are tough! These guys did everything with little more than the clothes on thier back and REAL leather helmet. It's well worth the money for a good read adn an understanding of they way things were.
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    Default Pompier Ladders

    The "scaling ladder " was often an avenue of last resort. As aerials and tower ladders became more common place there use became a rare event. In brownstone row houses where rear fire escapes where the exception and being 3 -4 stories in height with narrow court yards, there use while seldom needed was indeed a viable option. The demise of the scaling ladders usefulness was brought about by the thermopane window as well as window gates. The use in "Fire School" is a wonderful tool for learning team concepts and overcoming a skittish feeling of height.
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    133 How ya doing? Are you sure they're still using the scaling ladders at the Rock. When I did my turn through there about 3 Years ago, nobody even mentioned it.

    See ya soon.
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