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    Unhappy Sad, very sad aftermath

    Imagine the horror as you pull up to a routine dispatch for an MVA....and the unthinkable happens.
    Man sets himself on fire after car accident
    BERLIN, N.Y. (AP) - A man poured gasoline over his head and set
    himself on fire following a car accident Wednesday morning, police
    Myron W. Adams, 52, who is in critical condition, drove his
    pickup truck across the centerline into the path of a sport utility
    vehicle driven by Sandra L. Kiablick, Rensselaer County Sheriff's
    deputies said.
    Adams' truck sideswiped her vehicle, spinning it out of control
    before it came to rest on the road, police said.
    Eyewitnesses told police that Adams got out of the truck and
    made statements about ending his life. He then went to the bed of
    the truck to get a can of gasoline, poured it over his head and
    ignited himself with a lighter. The eyewitnesses, Albert Mause and
    Alonzo Thomas, came to his aid, throwing him to the ground and
    extinguishing the flames with wet grass and mud.
    Adams, who suffered second- and third-degree burns to the upper
    half of his body, was taken to Albany Medical Center by a medical
    helicopter. Adams of Stephentown was then transferred to the burn
    unit of the Westchester Medical Center.
    Kiablick, also of Stephentown, was treated and released at the
    Berkshire Medical Center with minor injuries.

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    More proof that you NEVER know what you'll run into next. Wow.

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    And you think you have problems!!!!
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    Just so you don't think that only happens over there, a guy in the UK had an argument with his wife the other day here and jumped in his car,poured petrol all over and set both the car and himself alight.

    Died about 3/4 days later. In agony I would suspect
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    It happens fairly often actually (nationally speaking that is). I had a good friend in high school who's father drove his pickup to the top of a hill above their house, in sight of a well-traveled road and did the same thing. It took her years to get over that.

    I feel most sorry for whomever they leave behind and those that have to witness it. Those of us "in the business" have a shell, these things don't tend to bother us as much as normal people, but remember those innocent bystanders that may not get over it so easily.

    I've seen the results of many suicides and if I happened on this scenario I doubt I'd lose sleep. This may sound harsh, but it's the most selfish act I can think of - and in such a 'grand fashion' it hurts others as well so my sympathy level is low.
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