Note: This is a single notice to all those that participate here. Please read. There is no need to post comments or discuss further. Please just move on and the regular discussion

Here or elsewhere, we're not going to be bashed for simply posting a new rule. Those that choose to do so can go elsewhere to participate, as you will no longer have posting privelages here.

Its not a power trip, its a request to show some respect to others. Most of those who attacked us had nothing to do with the reason it was posted to begin with. But since you choose to do nothing but bash us, you are welcome to go and stay posting elsewhere.

Note to users, this relates to posts and comments made elsewhere. We don't need to hear or see '(*#&$(&*#% the WebTeam' anywhere for a simple rule that doesn't harm anyone.

As the MAJORITY of readers can see we leave most threads wide open on topics, including the I.A.C.O.J. stuff here in the Off Duty Forums. However, the MINORITY will ruin it for everyone if all they can be is negative. Its a difficult job as it is managing several thousand posts and theads a week, without that.

We opened the Off-Duty Threads for the explicit purpose of serving our users, and giving them a place for relatively free flow discussion. If that can't include a few boundaries we ask for, we'll have no choice but to close this topic category.