Today was the day that recovery efforts ended at "ground zero". Little in the way of work was done here this morning. All of our volunteers were watching the ceremony and there was hardly a dry eye to be found by its conclusion.

As I was preparing to close the office down after a long day, I happened upon your website and thought that I would post an introduction. I hope, by doing so, that I do not violate any of the guidelines of your website.

I am the executive director of a not-for-profit association dedicated to the support of persons with disabilities. On a regular basis, we work with agencies of the federal and various state governments to enforce standards of exterior accessibility.

However, our organization's action of the week of the terrorist attacks is the subject of this post. During that week, we created the Internet-based September 11, 2001 Memorial.

The Memorial is unique for several reasons. First, it is not simply a listing of names of the individuals lost. It provides space for photographs (both formal and informal), as well as for written tributes in celebration of the life of each individual lost. The most unique feature of the Memorial, however, is its acceptance of submitted material from only family members and those considered as family (fiancé, fiancée, or domestic partner). A family member specifically contributed every tribute and photograph that is displayed in the tribute areas of the Memorial.

Neither the sponsoring organization nor the Memorial accepts donations from any individual; however, participation in the Memorial is free of charge and is open to participation of all nationalities, races, and religions.

The Memorial presently has active tributes for airline passengers, World Trade Center occupants, law enforcement officers, and FDNY firefighters. Additional families in the process of submitting information for loved ones also include those from the Pentagon.

We have pledged and will continue to maintain an appropriately dignified and respectful atmosphere in the Memorial. That same atmosphere recently led one of our Nation's highest-ranking military officers to express his appreciation for "... memorializing so professionally and respectfully those lost in the attacks against our Nation."

However, we must admit that we have found it rather difficult to make many individuals aware of the Memorial's existence. The limited budget of the sponsoring organization precludes newspaper "display ads". Therefore, we are taking the unusual step of posting this in an effort to reach either family members of loved ones lost or those who are familiar with those families. This is not meant to be an effort to start any form of "chain letter".

In addition, you may have noticed that I have not referred you, specifically, to the Memorial via its URL. We understand the need to adhere to policies in the operation of any worthwhile project. The absence of the Memorial's address is due to an effort to ensure that no guidelines of this website's administration are violated. Administration is, of course, aware of our contact information. Upon their approval, we will be happy to post it.

If I should have posted this in another forum of your website, please forgive me.

Our mission here is strictly to provide families the opportunity to create a long-lasting tribute to the life of their loved one. It will be our honor to assist them in that effort.