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    Default terrorism training and drills

    Since 9-11 and it's refocus of our resources on terrorism many departments have had training or drills surrounding all types of scenarios. I have a few questions for everyone out there.

    1) What type of scenario did you portray?
    2) Was the drill just for your immediate agency or did you have several agencies involved ( city wide, county wide, etc.)?
    3) Did you involve the public? ( evacutaion of business, apartement building or school)
    4) Did your management hold a debriefing session to offer input from the agency emebers or angencies involved?
    5) Did your management feel that the drill was successful?
    6) Did you feel that the drill was successful?

    If you can take the time to answer these questions it would be greatly appreciated, I am using all responses for a research paper on terrorism.
    Shawn MacIntyre EMT
    Pittsburgh EMS EMT-2
    Fraternal Assoc. of Prof. Paramedics

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    In Tulsa, Oklahoma we have had several Emergency Response to Terrorism (ERT) training exercises. The last one involved the U.S. Army's, 63rd Weapons of Mass Destruction--Civil Support Team (WMD-CST) (your State may or may not have a WMD-CST). Tulsa Fire and the 63rd responded to simulated chemical agent release in one of our downtown highrises. The incident took place on the 43rd floor of the bulding. This presented many challenges. Tulsa Police Dept(TPD) and the local ALS healthcare/ambulance service, EMSA, observed. We did not involve the public. In fact, the exercise was done after hours so business would not be disrupted. We did not have a debriefing. Management felt the drill was successful due to Tulsa Fire's introduction to the WMD-CST and their capabilities (they are ERT ANIMALS!) We plan on having two more exercises with the WMD-CST in September '02 for the other two shifts. We will hold debriefings and hopefully involve TPD and EMSA with their full participation.
    Dennis Beyer
    Tulsa Fire

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