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Saturday, June 01, 2002

· STLFN: CHESTER (RANDOLPH Co.), IL: Chester FD on scene of a shed fire on Autumn Rd. (STL 835). 12:19a.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: STLFD *1st Alarm* @ 827 Washington x 8th St. Heavy smoke on the upper floor of a Hi-rise Hotel. People trapped in elevator on 15th floor. PUMPERS: 2-9-5-7, HL6, BC802/801, SQD-1, DC810. [STL899]. 9:24a.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: STLFD *2nd Alarm* @ 827 Washington x 8th St. Heavy smoke on the upper floor of a Hi-rise Hotel. People trapped in elevator on 15th floor. PUMPERS: 11-17-29, HL2, BC806, SQD-2, FIU-821, COMMAND-900. [STL899]. 9:25a.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: Update STLFD's *2nd Alarm* @ 827 Washington x 8th St. Fire was in an elevator motor - now out. Smoke clearing on the 26th floor. People out of elevator. Strike out the 2nd Alarm. [STL899]. 9:28a.m.

· Structure collapse – MERIDEN, CT: 1023 Old Colony. Porch collapse with people trapped. CT19 CT21 [TAC9-C32]. 10:16a.m.

· 2nd Alarm – GLOUCESTER, MA: 2 Ocean Ave. Structure fire. M/A to work and cover. *154.16* [TAC9-C32]. 10:30a.m.

· 3rd Alarm – GLOUCESTER, MA: 2 Ocean Ave. in Magnolia section. Structure fire. Multi M/A to work and cover. *154.16* [TAC9-C32]. 10:34a.m.

· Working fire - MIDDLETOWN, CT: 19 Inverness Lane (Westfield Section). Structure fire. CT3698/21 [TAC9-C461]. 10:38a.m.

· 2nd Alarm - MIDDLETOWN, CT: 19 Inverness Lane (Westfield section). Fire in a Condo complex. M/A from (3) towns. CT3698/21 [TAC9-C461]. 10:39a.m.

· 4th Alarm – GLOUCESTER, MA: 2 Ocean Ave in Magnolia. Heavy fire condition. Exterior operations. Multi M/A en-route *154.16* [TAC9-C32]. 10:40a.m.

· Update – 4th Alarm – GLOUCESTER, MA: 2 Ocean Ave. Large 3-story occupied dwelling - exterior operations. *154.16* [TAC9-C32]. 10:57a.m.

· Update – 4th Alarm – GLOUCESTER, MA: 2 Ocean Ave. 3-story Garden style Apartment building, 70x250. Heavy fire floor 3 and cockloft. 2 Ladder Pipes in operation. Water problems. DWH *154.16* C30 [TAC9-C32]. 11:41a.m.

· Update – 4th Alarm – GLOUCESTER, MA: 2 Ocean Ave. Structure fire. S/C Ipswich Ladder to the fire. DWH *154.16* C30 [TAC9-C32]. 12:00p.m.

· Update 4th Alarm – GLOUCESTER, MA: 2 Ocean Ave. Structure fire. S/C 2 Engines with large diameter hose to the scene - water problems. DWH *154.16* C3O [TAC9-C32]. 12:04p.m.

· 5th Alarm – GLOUCESTER, MA: 2 Ocean Ave. 3-story Garden style Apartment, 75x250. Heavy fire 3rd floor/cockloft. Master streams. DWH *154.16* C30 [TAC9-C32]. 12:21p.m.

· All Companies working - BROCKTON, MA: Box 2531 rear of 620 Belmont Street. Fire in a 1.5-story wood frame Commercial. Engine 5 reports smoke showing from the attic. *154.310* C105 O/S [TAC9-C461]. 2:23p.m.

· Motorcycle Accident – DANVERS, MA: Rte.95 Northbound, North of Rte.1 1-1045C2 multi trauma pt. 1-1045C2. Request for Medflight to scene ETA 5 minutes. *483.3375* C30 C461/N [TAC9-C32]. 3:34p.m.

· MVA - BARRINGTON, NH: on Brewster Road off Smoke Street. Jaws in use. *154.280* C603 [TAC9-C461]. 3:42p.m.

· Update - MVA – DANVERS, MA: Rte.95 Northbound - North of Rte.1. Medflight 3 on scene requests 2nd Ambulance for 1-1045C2. *483.3375* C30 C461 [TAC9-C32]. 3:44p.m.

· Working fire – SCITUATE, RI: 245 Gleaner Chapel Rd. Companies report a well involved structure. M/A Tankers from Foster to the fire. *154.040* C304 [TAC9-C51]. 4:26p.m.

· All Companies Working – BOSTON, MA: Box 1272 at 1 Devonshire Pl. Kitchen fire floor 19. Sprinklers operating. Request EMS for 1 patient. *483.1875* C319 C422 [TAC9-C32]. 4:32p.m.

· 2nd Alarm – SCITUATE, RI: 295 Gleaner Chapel Rd. OIC reports a well involved occupied private dwelling. Northern RI Tanker Task Force activated. M/A to the fire and to cover. *154.040* C304. [TAC9-C51]. 4:37p.m.

· KANSAS CITY, KS: Working fire @ 2507 Wood x 25th St. “H&R Grill.” 2 lines off on a Commercial building. P5, P11, P14, T14, CAR32/62. [KCFN-02]. 5:05p.m.

· Update – 2nd Alarm – SCITUATE, RI: 295 Gleaner Chapel Rd. Fire in a 1.5-story wood frame ranch. Still heavy smoke attic area. DWH. C304/C319 O/S. [TAC9-C51]. 5:39p.m.

· Working fire – ELLINGTON, MA: 324 Somers Road. Fire reported to be in a barn or trailer. CT2668/CT19 [TAC9-C20]. 5:49p.m.

· LEAWOOD, KS: (Johnson Co. Dist. #2) – Working fire @ 5713 W. 146th St. x Reed. Heavy smoke showing from the attached garage of a single family dwelling under construction. Overland Park Engine/Quint Automatic Aid. [KCFN-02]. 5:58p.m.

· MILWAUKEE, WI: @ 3611-15 W. Highland Ave. Command S/C 3 Engines & 2 Trucks to the fire. (2nd Alarm Equiv. no school per.) Heavy fire in a large 2.5 story wood frame. [M1] [MILWAUKEE FIRENET]. 6:08p.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD - Working house fire at Glasgow & Hebert. Fire showing from a 1-story brick. One line off. PUMPERS: 10, 17, 5, BC801. [STL810]. 7:22p.m.

· Motorcycle Accident – DOUGLAS, MA: on Southeast Street. Lifeflight requested L/Z is the fire/Highway Barn. *33.6200* C612 [TAC9-C20]. 7:39p.m.

· MVA - FARMINGTON, NH: Chestnut Hill Rd x Tall Pines Rd. Car-vs-Tree with fire reported. 3-1045-C2 burn patients. Multi-EMS requested to scene. *154.3700* C101 [TAC9-C20]. 8:06p.m.

· MVA – AUBURN, ME: RT95/Maine Twpk M/M 74 Southbound Car vs. Moose. Jaws requested. *153.890* C101 [TAC9-C20]. 8:11p.m.

· Update - MVA – FARMINGTON, NH: Chestnut Hill Rd x Tall Pines Road: Reported 3-1045-C1/burn patients and 2-1045-C? at scene. Multi-EMS @scene. *154.3700* C101 [TAC9-C20]. 8:19p.m.

· STLFN: JEFFERSON Co., MO: DeSoto Rural FPD 1st Alarm house fire at 4427 Whitehead Rd. x Liberty School Rd. Believed to be a working house fire. NFI/ATT. [STL810]. 8:37p.m.

· Working fire – LANCASTER, NH: Powder Hill Dr. Structure fire from lightning strike. M/A to work and cover. [TAC9-C32]. 8:58p.m.

· Working fire – WHITEFIELD, NH: Myrtle St. Structure fire from lightning strike. M/A to work and cover. *154.400* [TAC9-C32]. 9:04p.m.

· HARTLAND (LIVINGSTON Co.), MI: **2nd Alarm Equiv. at 1904 East Rock Hill Ct. x M-59 Apartment house fire. Automatic M/A from Brighton. (FNNM-510) (c). 9:06p.m.

· EL PASO COUNTY, CO: Numerous lightning started wild land fires have burned at least 23,000 acres & 15 structures in El Paso, Lincoln, Pueblo and Crowley Counties. 140 Engines on-scene and more en-route. [191, 244/ MNN-001]. 9:28p.m.

· KNIGHTDALE, NC (Wake - 9 miles E of Raleigh) *2nd Alarm Equiv.* 4325 Old Lewis Farm Rd. House fire. Command reports heavy fire thru out. 4 FD's with 12 Apparatus on scene. Fire is not under control. Second 2 Alarm fire today. [CFP*791]. 9:41p.m.

· BROOKLYN, NY: 75-3252 at 2932 Ave V @ Nostrand Ave. 6-story 150x160 occupied multiple dwelling. L159 FAST. 1 line runs. No Special Units. BN-33. [MNS-30]. 10:01p.m.


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- 0200
Erie, PA: FATAL MVA/PIN 700 Block of West Bay Front Parkway. Cos: Eng 11, 6, DC 322, EMS 39, S-20. Heavy damage, 1 Class 1 victim. FPO/D801 ©

- 1239
Orange Twp (Delaware): *Motorcycle Accident* Powell Rd & Columbus Pike. Cos: Res361cuE, Eng 321 (Liberty Twp), Med 361, DelCo Med 3. FPO/D276 ©

- 1241
Orange Twp (Delaware): *Motorcycle Accident* Powell Rd & Columbus Pike. MedFlight S/C'd for victim with leg trauma. FPO/D276 ©

- 1338
Brimfield (Portage): W/F Howe & Mogadore. House fire thru the roof. M/A Brady Lake & Suffield Twp. FPO/701*/D703 ©

- 1439
Williamsport (Pickaway): *Swift Water Rescue* in a creek in the village. 2 children swept away in the creek. Requesting Extra roep and a boat. FPO/223/D249 ©

- 1512
Genoa Twp (Delaware): *Water Rescue* @ Hoover Dam. Genoa Twp M/A Westerville & CPD Helo. Boat capsized, person in the water. Along Sunbury Rd/Red Bank. FPO/223/D249 ©

- 1519
Richwood (Union): W/F 210 North Franklin St. Cos: Eng 310, 311, 301 (Leesburg Twp), Lad 310, Squad 315. Garage fire. FPO/D276 ©

- 1522
Richwood (Union): W/F 210 North Franklin St. Add Eng 293 (Liberty Twp), 272 (Marysville), Lad 271 on the card. Garage is fully involved. FPO/D276 ©

- 1545
Richwood (Union): W/F 210 North Franklin St. Fire K/D. Holding all companies. FPO/D276 ©

- 1643
Cleveland: W/F 10330 Crestwood. House fire. Cos: Eng 10, 41, Lad 10, Squad 1, & BN 5. Lad 17 - RIT. Arson S/C'd. FPO/D703 ©

- 1801
Erie, PA: MVA/PIN/ROLLOVER West 29th & Cherry. Cos: EMS 39, S-20, Eng 6, TL 1, DC 324. 2 pinned. FPO/801*/D703 ©

- 1807
Erie, PA: MVA/PIN ROLLOVER West 29th & Cherry. Extrication complete. Both victims class 3. FPO/801*/D703 ©

- 1844
Shaker Heights (Cuyahoga): W/F 3686 Winchell. House fire. Cos: Eng 215, 216, Lad 225, Squad 245, Car 263. FPO/D703 ©

- 1919
Dayton: (Delayed) W/F 1325 Geis Ave. 1 sty house well involved. Cos: Eng 16, 9, 21, Lad 16, 14, Med 16, Rehab 1, Air Truck 1. FPO/257*/D703 ©

- 2223
Quincy (Logan): MVA/PIN SR 245 & CR 162 (Friend Rd). Car vs pole. Cos: Med 31, 32. M/A Riverside Res71cuE. FPO/D276 ©

- 2235
Quincy (Logan): MVA/PIN SR 245 & CR 162 (Friend Rd). Add Eng 162 & Squad 71 on the card. CareFlight S/C'd. FPO/320/D276 ©

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Toronto Fires - Saturday, June 1, 2002

June 1, 2002 11:30h 2nd Alarm District 14: 44
Paulvale Cr. (Keele - Finch area). 2-sty
irregular dwelling. 1 fatality. Box 12 s/c for
rehab for crews awaiting the OFM investigator.

June 1, 2002 12:47h 2nd Alarm District 34: 169
Emerson Ave. Serious fire on the 3rd floor of a
3-sty dwelling. NFI.

June 1, 2002 12:59h 4th Alarm District 32:
428-to-438 Sammon Avenue. Initially 2x2-sty
dwellings, extended to 6 others pushed by high
winds. Initial reports of fire 60-feet into the
air prior to TFS arrival. Exterior operations
only due to heavy fire conditions and unstable
structures. As of 1800h, 2 ladder pipes are still
flowing, chasing pockets of fire. 2 houses have
collapsed, and 2 others and in danger of probable
collapse. Overnight operations are expected. Box
12 and Support 7 provided rehab at both ends of
this fire scene, and will rotate operations
through the night. Salvation Army is also on
scene attending to the displaced families.

David Perschy
Box 12 Association
Toronto 13


06/01/01 W/F Leawood, KS 5713 West 147th St x Nall, heavy smoke showing from a 2.5-sty house under construction. Using all hands.

Leawood Engine 32, 33, BC 305, Overland Park Engine 45, Quint 43.




for June 1st:

1873: The Fire Insurance Salvage Corps were organized by former Chief Engineer Charles T. Holloway - Known as "Sparkers", they kept their (1) horse wagon on the street in front of 214 E German St, ready to respond to alarms - James Wesley Shaw (Assistant Chief Engineer 1859-1868) was foreman - The early Salvage Corps was closely allied with the Fire Department, many of the personnel being former firemen. (TUH)

1888: The City expanded (the 1st since 1817) north & westerly, from Boundary (North) Ave to Cold Spring Ln, & from Payson St to Augusta Ave - This is from 13 square miles to 31.5 square miles - Taken over from the Baltimore County Fire Department were the following companies with new members assigned: Hook & Ladder Co#7 = York Rd - Waverly; Hook & Ladder Co#8 = Brunswick St - Carroll; Hook & Ladder Co#9 = Roland & 3rd Aves - Hampden; Chemical Engine Co#1 = Brunswick St - Carroll; Chemical Engine Co#2 = Mary St - Clifton; Chemical Engine Co#3 = 5th St, near Charles St - Peabody Heights; Chemical Engine Co#4 = York Rd - Waverly; Chemical Engine Co#5 = Gorsuch Ave - Homestead; Chemical Engine Co#6 = Belair Rd, near The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Bridge; Chemical Engine Co#7 = Roland & 3rd Aves - Hampden - The Hook & Ladder Companies were small Holloway City Service trucks with (1) horse & (1) fireman (a Hostler) each - The Chemical Engines consisted of a Captain & (3) pipemen, & (1) horse each - The rigs were made by Holloway, a (4) wheel dray with (2) 35 gallon soda & acid tanks mounted horizontally on the crane-neck frame - T's 7 & 9 (formerly Hook & Ladders) were disbanded on 7/19/2000 due to budget cuts - T-8 is still in service located with E-30 & Medic-12 @ 3220 Frederick Ave in Southwest Baltimore using a 1994 Seagrave 100' Tiller Truck - Chemical Engine Co's 1, 4, 6, & 7 were disbanded on 5/15/1901 & Chemical Engine Co's 2 & 3 were disbanded on 6/28/1904 - Chemical Engine Co#5 was disbanded on an unknown date. (TUH*CHM2)

1891: Water Tower #1 was placed in active service & located with E-15 on W Lombard St, site of the present day Steadman Station - General Order #114 - Their 1st response was on 6/28/1891 to Box#154 @ 1748hrs for a fire in the 4 story brick E. Levering Company Coffee Warehouse @ Philpot & Thames Sts, Fells Point (Southeast Of Downtown) - They were organized as a company on 1/1/1908 - General Order #501 - Their 1st piece of apparatus was a new Hale Water Tower drawn by (2) horses, 55' in height, (2) turret nozzles, (6) 3" inlets, & the mast can be raised by Carbonic gas, there being a 85 gallon copper tank attached to the frame of the WT to generate gas - It has a solid 2" large stream, size of which is governed by the number & capacity of engines feeding it - It also has 1.75", 2", 2.25" tips & the discharge pipe can be elevated to 55' - On 10/1/1898 they received a new Hale Water Tower built by LaFrance with a pipe & mast that can be elevated to 65', equipped with (2) monitor pipes & (14) inlets, drawn by (3) horses - On 4/13/1917 a new Christie (2) wheel front drive tractor was attached to the 65' tower & on 10/11/1923 a used Christie (4) wheel drive tractor (formerly T-2) was attached to the tower - On 11/4/1921 they relocated with T-2 on N Paca St, General Order #105-21 - On 12/23/1933 a new Mack BQ (6) cylinder tractor was attached to the 65' tower, now equipped with a tiller - This rig is presently @ the Fire Museum of Maryland in Lutherville - On 4/3/1961 WT#1 received a new International cab forward chassis with 80' elevated platform Snorkel mounted on it by Hi-Ranger Company equipped with a 1000GPM fog nozzle in the basket - The 1st response for the new Snorkel was on 4/4/1961 to Box#523, Eutaw & Conway Sts, Camden (South Of Downtown), site of the present day Oriole Park @ Camden Yards - On 8/28/1973 WT#1 relocated to the new Steadman Station using the Eutaw St exit, & in September of the same year it was painted the new orange & white colors - On 10/17/1973 WT#1 received a new American LaFrance 90' Snorkel "Aero-Chief" with (5) man cab, diesel engine, & (2) monitor pipes mounted in the basket - On 11/7/1973, while operating @ the 11 alarm fire @ the vacant Steiff Piano Factory fire @ 1300 E Lafayette Ave (6-6-258 & 5-5-2522), WT#1 used both monitor pipes for the 1st time & also for the 1st time in recent history, (2) Water Towers operated together @ 1 fire, the then reserve 1961 HiRanger was placed back in service - WT#1 was assigned on all 2nd alarms on 11/19/1973 & E-59 was to supply them on all fires in the downtown High Value district & an additional engine was to be dispatched in all other districts as a "Satellite Engine" - Later E-59 responded on all 2nd alarms as the "Satellite Engine" - Their 1st 2nd alarm was on 11/21/1973 @ 1317hrs to Box#836 for several dwellings on fire in the 300 block E 21st St -On 3/27/1975 WT#1 turned over while operating @ a 6 alarm fire @ the Premium Bag Company @ Boston St & Montford Ave, the boom crushing the cab of E-32's American LaFrance pumper - Firefighter Mark Mason was in the basket & escaped serious injuries - The 1961 HiRanger was taken out of reserve & placed back in 1st line service & the damaged American LaFrance returned to the Snorkel Company for rebuilding - It was returned to service on 10/8/1977 with a new 85' Snorkel boom with (1) monitor pipe in the basket & 191' of ground ladders & full truck company equipment - The 1961 HiRanger was again placed in reserve - On 9/1/1979 WT#1 was disbanded & the 1973/1977 American LaFrance Snorkel was assigned to T-2. (WS)

1893: Chemical Engine Co#8 was disbanded & a 2nd section of E-15 was organized & placed in active service in its quarters - When the 1st section responds to an alarm of fire, the 2nd section will respond to any other alarm that the Company is assigned, but not to the box that the 1st section responded to - In effect it was a reserve Company, alternating each month - It used the Holloway Chemical Engine of old #8 - E-15-2's 1st Lieutenant was George W. Haskell, promoted Ladderman from Hook & Ladder #5. (TUH)

1939: 5 Alarms - Box#4121 - Hanover & Redwood Sts - Downtown - Fire involved (3) 5 story brick interconnected buildings of the LaFrance Textile Company - E-15 responded to a silent alarm shortly after noon as the employees had been fighting the fire in bales of cotton in the basement for over 10 minutes - A passerby opened Box#4121, but failed to pull the hook - The fire extended to the (2) adjoining buildings & Captain John Fairly sounded the 3rd alarm from Box#4121 @ once - The fire, fed on cotton lint in the basement, went straight up the elevator shaft, fanning out on all floors through openings in the walls & burst through the roof - Chief Engineer Howard Travers sounded the 5th alarm @ 1230hrs. (TUH)

1954: 3 Alarms - Box#429 - 1318 W Baltimore St - West Of Downtown - Fire involved a tailor shop. (TGA)

1963: 8 Alarms + Special Call (7) Engines - 6-6-10-25, 2-2-7126, 2-10-4-6231, & 2-10-3-7126 - 2252hrs - 1101 S Brunswick St - Southwest Baltimore - Fire involved the 3 story brick Monumental Millwork Company - An explosion rocked the building with shellac & paints flashing fire in all directions - BC-10, John A. Koutnik, sounded the 2nd alarm @ 2303hrs, & the 3rd & 6th alarms in the next (12) minutes, as the former winery became an inferno - The fire burned through the roof sending a shower of sparks & flying brands in all directions - The burning building was 10' from the Union Stock Yards & the fire blazed up to the gate, but a remarkable stop was made by firefighters & the flames did not break through - Acting Chief Of The Department John G. Kollman sounded the 2nd alarm (8th alarm) from adjacent Box#7126 @ 2337hrs - As the fire intensified & threatened the stockyards, a special 2-10-4 signal (4 engines) from Box#6231 was sounded @ 2400hrs, & another 2-10-3 signal (3 engines) was sounded from Box#7126 @ 0053hrs - Low water pressure hampered the firefighters as the flames continued to roar with great ferocity for almost 7 hours - The extra thick walls finally fell & nothing was left but ashes & rubble. (CHM1*TUH)

1989: 2 Alarms - Box#5723 - 1534hrs - Pratt & Greene Sts - Downtown West - Fire involved a Baltimore Gas & Electric Company electrical substation - The fire occurred during a brutal heat wave & right @ rush hour, causing electrical power to be lost in the immediate area, knocking out traffic lights & building power, & trapping people in elevators - (Note: Companies with a "*" have since been disbanded) 1st alarm @ 1534hrs = E-23, *E-7*, E-2, E-26, T-2 *(Snorkel)*, *T-13*, & BC-5 - Working fire @ 1545hrs = Medic-5 & Airflex-1 (Now Air Cascade-1) - 2nd alarm @ 1550hrs = E-55, E-14, E-13, E-6, T-23, *Aerial Tower-128*, Medic-8, *BC-10* (Now BC-3), & *DC-1* (Now Shift Commander) - Fire under control @ 1648hrs. (TGA)

1991: The members of T-12 were teaching a new member how to tiller the apparatus in the Seton Industrial Park & this required Firefighter Edward Arthur to ride the back tiller step - As they were turning, the new member lost control & Firefighter Arthur was crushed between the truck & pole - He was flown to the University Of Maryland Shock Trauma Unit by Maryland State Police Medevac Helicopter where he died about 2 hours later - He was buried on 6/6 @ the Dulaney Valley Memorial Park. (CHM1*GTE)

George T. Ehrman



Putnam, Ct. Fire Department site


- Mike Kalette


Looking for a great Father's Day gift?

PHILADELPHIA, PA: "Tin Helmets Iron Men"

A New Fire Book has come out and what a book it is. It is not like any other book you have every seen.. It is called " Tin Helmets Iron Men " by veteran Fire Photographer Bob Bartosz. For you old timers, Bob Bartosz was one of the first to come out with a Modern Day hard cover Fire Book back in 1971. It was called " Black & White and Red All Over " and within six months it was sold out and to this day it is in great demand and a great Collector's item. In fact if you can find one be prepared to pay in the mid three figure range to get a copy.

Bob's new book "Tin Helmets Iron Men" looks like it will be a fast sell out also. It is printed in a very Limited Edition. It is a hard cover book with 216 pages of some of the greatest fire photos and stories you have every seen. It is based on the Philadelphia Fire Department during the 1950's thru the 1970's in which their members wore the Cairns Aluminum Helmets. All the photos are in black and white and are not the typical fire photos. As you will see when you get your copy.

The Introduction of the book is written by former Fire Commissioner and Chief of the Department William C. Richmond. Some of Commissioner Richmond's quotes "In Tin Helmets Iron Men, Bob Bartosz has graphically captured an era in the Philadelphia Fire Department's History that was both exciting and challenging for fire fighters. It promises to be the same for the readers who follow this story. His outstanding photographs taken with a genuine feel for what the fire fighters life is really like. A marvelous portrayal of the dramatic and often tragic experiences of those men who wore the Tin Helmets. He preserves, for all times, a graphic record of a truly memorable age in firefighting as it was experienced in Philadelphia. It is a photographic time capsule that gives us a fascinating look at the past as shown through the talented lens of a working photographer who captured more than just a picture. He takes the reader right out onto the street and along side those heroic individuals who made up his subject. Bob Bartosz has been taking fire photos for over fifty years and still can be seen on the fire grounds.

Also included in "Tin Helmets Iron Men" are various apparatus photos of some of Philadelphia's greatest pieces of equipment, such as their 125 foot Snorkel, the Fire Bird. Plus the famous Giant Deluge, SS 99 at work. And Marine Units at work. Along with a photo of Engine Co. 6's Ford/Hahn 1954 750 GPM pumper at work. This pumper is now owned by a SPAAMFAA member from Philadelphia and can be seen at various events and parades. "Tin Helmets Iron Men" also has some very interesting stories, especially the one about the Captain from Engine Co. 24. A mystery that was solved after 29 years. Also a great human interest story about Little Milty of the Second Alarmers. This story will get you.

The book is in very Limited Edition and will surely be gone fast. I would suggest you order your copy now or you may miss out on it. And when they are gone--they are gone.

You may contact Bob Bartosz at P.O. Box 226 Wenonah N.J. 08090. USA. The book is selling for $49.95 and $5.00 shipping USA. Canada $9.00** UK $12.00*** (N.J. residents add 6% Sales Tax--$2.70). Please make you check or
money order payable to Bob Bartosz.


I received my copy awhile back - It's a wonderful book... very impressive and it's not like any other fire related book I've seen... this one's better!! You've got to see it to believe it. Order your book today before they're gone! You won't be disappointed.


Paul Brown
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