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    Red face Always have a backup

    Well in my borough our siren activates for everything from ems to structre fires now for ems calls it blows different then for fires and stuff but we have yet to recieve a complaint and i dont see us doing anything about it if there is. Why you ask well heres the thing. Our Dept is 100% Vol. and 94% give or take of our members have any type of pagers (minitor 1 2 or 4)we just cant afford to buy everyone one so therefor how can they know if we have a call.Also in case you dont have a minitor 4 that you use on low band let me tell you they stink, sometimes it wont go off and what if its being fixed? So in my opiniion and only my opinion the use of the siren is a great back up and when theres an emergency you cant afford to have someone not know that their help is needed.

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    We have Air Horns thatr are located on the Water Tower.
    1 for Speical Assignments
    2 for only EMS Calls
    4 For Fire(everything that covers under fire dept) Rescue(MVC's, etc)

    and also the paging systems
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    My department uses both a siren and pagers. It goes of once for tests, three times when the fire department is needed and does not go off if only the rescue squad is needed. I have never heard of any complaints, but that does not mean there are none.

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    Default siren button

    Our Fire whistle is unable to be found to be activated the button that is i keep hitting the one that says co #1 siren but nothing happens got to go byebye

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    We used to use the siren Too many complaints. I can think of
    2 calls when pager system was down that responce time would
    have been better with the siren {beats having dispatch call your
    house to get someone to get you on a cell} besides that I miss the
    awsome sound makes your heart stop then go like mad

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    Thumbs up Firehouse Sirens

    The sirens at our local fire department, is fairly dim, so that only the fire department can hear them.
    Firefighters are beneficial to every community with the wealth of information they have!

    They don't get enough praise, for the information and skills they know! It could save your life one day!!!!!

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    We no longer use our siren, because of the people who lived right behind the fire house, started complaining last year...they moved into that house how everv many years ago and only started complaining last year. but what ever, the districtfigured they were right, b/c we use, minitor's now and most everyone in the dept. has a scanner, so why bother with the horns?? So hense the dept has shut them down except for 0600, 1200, and 1800. only other time it will blow is if a funeral passes by.

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