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    Lightbulb Dispatch SOP's

    Need some SOP for Dispatching of fire service to the fire scene and scripts for dispatching fire trucks. Our 911 Dispatchers have all been allowed for to long to mess up now it is habits. Need help

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    The agency that I work for has a very through set of SOP's for everything that we do. I think the best idea would be for a supervisor from the comm center and some members of the fire agencies you dispatch for sit down together. That way they can discuss how they want things done and so that everyone knows what to expect.

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    The best way to solve this problem is for the emergency communications department and the fire department sit down and work together to create the SOP's. To say that the dispatcher have been allowed to mess up is not fair. If there are no SOP's then they have no guidlines. I am a Dispatch supervisor as well as a fire Capt. so I see both sides. And the dispatchers want to do a good job but they need guidlines. We write our SOP's with help of everyone else.

    If I can help you please email me.


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