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    Default Why Not CAFS?

    I think many of you have been reading the good things being said about CAFS, but now why would anyone want to use plain water and work four times as hard to do as much as a CAFS?

    Did you know that insurance will pay for all the foam you use with a CAFS to reduce the pollution caused by the toxic runoff?

    Insurance will also pay to use the CAFS for bioremediation at wrecks because the oil sorb can be a liability issue if it is not handled as a hazardouse material after soaking up the used oil.

    We use Chemguards A Plus foam in our CAFS and buy it for $9.00 a gallon. F.I.R.E. Inc. bills the insurance companies for us and charges them $50 a gallon for the concentrate and $500 per hour for the CAF foam truck. It sure beats the fish fry and cake sales.
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