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    Default Background check?

    Firehouse.com news

    I was wondering how many people have had a background check done and did you pay for it or was it paid for you? I know when I was hired on as a vollie, a check was done on me. So I was surprised to read in the article that the department doesn't want to do the check because of cost. Well to me, if the vollie really want's to be here, he should do whatever it takes to get on right?

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    South Carolina law now requires a background check for all personnel hired whether paid or volunteer. If you had a felony in the past 10 years you can't be a FF in the State of SC.

    The State Fire Marshal's Office pays for the checks. The checks are done through the SC Law Enforcement Division (SLED).
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    In NC it is not required but you're crazy not to do it anywhere. Most places individually require it and you can get them for free. All you have to do is put in the proper request with a law enforcement agency and they'll run it for you.
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    You must have a background check, it should not be an option. For me it was a regular basic police check, wanted, valid DL, criminal history.
    With everything that happens today with terrorists, sex abusse, DUI's would you want a member to have a history and not know it until something happens. How many FF turn out to be arsonists, a background may find something.
    When I ran the Emergency Services department in my community we had a guy try to apply to our department. When I gave his info to the Police they strongly recommended that we don't hire him. Some of it was from a juv. history, others just from run ins with the police. His application and testing didn't raise any red flags. We didn't hire him.
    He went to a neighbor department got on and shortly was arrested for impersonating a police officer. Without the background check our department's name could have ended up in the paper.

    Pay for the background check it is worth it

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    I know in Colorado you an send $10 to Colorado Bureau of Investigation and get a background check. But the local law enforcement agencies do it for the fire departments for free. I think it is a must for any department, paid or voll.

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    A background check is a good idea even if not required. We get an instate only check from the sheriff office. Had an out of state vol,show up sounded good but it was embarising to find he had a record that included arson + other---it didn't take long to decide we didn't need him!!

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    We do background checks on all new applicants. They are done on-line at the huge cost of $1 each. We also do driving record checks on all members every 6 months -- no sure on the cost, but its not much.

    We once had someone apply, only to find out that they were wanted for arson in a neighboring county!

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    Background checks should not be an option.

    We potentially deal with classified info and scenes. We do a dangerous job, that doesn't need a "loose cannon" causing problems such as lighting fires, stealing, etc.

    It is compulsory for us to be checked when we join. (We've had people withdraw their application once they came to sign the paperwork to authorise the check!)

    The HQ of our service pays for the Police to do ours....

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    In my town, we have mandatoy background and driving records checked before you are voted on by the officers or the company. I don't know how much it costs, but i know that every member has their's checked.

    I believe that it's a good idea, and every town should do it. I know of some towns next to me that don't require it at all, and I know of a few members that would not be accepted to my FD, if they had their driving record checked.
    Swanzey, New Hampshire

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