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    Question Member Zone Preview

    Web Team,
    Is there going to be any type of preview for the Members Zone?
    I am sure many pepole are not signing up because they dont know if it is worth it or what will actually be on it.
    Maybe the long promised magazine archives will show up there!!!
    Just wondering.
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    The Magazine Archives are indeed part of the MembersZone, and non members will have access to preview the section fronts of more than 18 content-specific categories such as WMD/Terrorism, Apparatus, Firefighting Strategy and Tactics and more, each with their own new and magazine archived content, forums and more. But to view these new additions to the site, once the service launches, will require membership.

    We may offer 3-month trial memberships for a specific fee, but will not announce anything final until later this month.

    The MembersZone is slated to launch in concert with the Firehouse Expo in July.

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