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    Angry Issues of race...again...

    I know this is a dead horse, but...

    In response to the article featured on Firehouse,

    ....Why is it that this is still an issue?
    Are we not enlightened enough in todays society to accept people for who they are, and not their status of descent?

    There shouldn't be any quota or magic number for enrollment numbers.
    You would think that a venerable institution like the FDNY would have brains bigger than that to single out minorities and females.
    Why not a poster that includes EVERYONE?
    Male, female, white, dark, cream, tall, short, etc, etc.

    Why not hire recruits on their meritt, experience, and performance?
    The way it should be.

    Sure, get the word out to people who may not be aware of the opprotunity, but turn of your blinders and your tunnel vision.
    Having X% number of specific types of people is below this nations collective potential.

    Why don't the higher ups listen to it's reason for being - it's members, when we say "Who cares about color, can they do the job correctly when it needs to be done?"

    God damn polititions anyways.

    "You know - we've got these light thingies and sound makers on for a reason!!!!" >

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    Why do we still have quotas? If a community is 80% hispanic and you put your test in the paper you have made a fair offer. (in my opinion) If only 10% of the applicants are hispanic then I guess they don't want the job. We shouldn't pass over any applicants just to hire a minority.
    Prejudice still exists, that unfortunatly is a fact of life, Perhaps we shouldn't ask about race, even have interviews confessional style, no face to face, I don't know the best answer.
    What is wrong is when we hire or promote just to fill a quota. It leaves our best and brightest behind (potentially) and is doing the fireservice a disservice. It also promotes prejudice. How would yoou feel if you tried your hardest to be promoted and were passed over because your skin isn't the right color to fill a quota...

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    Default Makes you mad as hell!

    How would yoou feel if you tried your hardest to be promoted and were passed over because your skin isn't the right color to fill a quota...
    Been there, Done that, and let me tell you "IT SUCKS"!!!!!!


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