Do we, along with law enforcement, need to take more steps to prevent tragedies such as this? Road closures may be an inconvenience, however, if it can save even one life, I believe it should be done.

Obviously, each case needs to be evaluated accordingly. These deaths could have been prevented.
(Roanoke Rapids-AP) -- Four people were killed and about two
dozen injured in a nine-vehicle chain-reaction crash on Interstate
95 near the Virginia border.
Investigators blamed yesterday morning's crash on human error
and low visibility caused by fog and smoke from a forest fire.
The Highway Patrol says a car stopped in a southbound lane so
the couple inside could trade places because the driver couldn't
see. They apparently believed the car had pulled to the side of the
A tractor-trailer rammed the car, leading to the string of
collisions that involved several cars and a Greyhound bus.
My heart goes out to all the families that lost loved ones in this tragic accident!