I would like to throw out, for general discussion the question as to what candidates are best suited for career positions. Tradition has shown that these ranks are filled by either new recruits, with some being taken from applicants who have served in other departments in career capacities.

There was another thread, similiar to this, except dealing with fire officers... hire or promote.

I have mixed feelings on the topic of career positions; new recruits are green and unless you have a large house staff to oversee it can be a problem, career to career hires create the problem that it's lateral to lateral and often one making a move is in the mode for promotion. With volunteers, you get a wide range of talents (good AND bad). The one point that I could make is that call departments, if done correctly, require the responder to make a number of fire officer decisions (even when only a firefighter) such as alarm level, apparatus deployment, mutual aid, speciality services PLUS implementation of IC.

So share with me your opinions (not necessarily what your department is doing which may not examples of your opinion).