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    Default What defines "Entrapment"

    A few of our department members were having a discussion a week ago about what defines having a patient entrapped in a vehicle.

    I wish I had posted this earlier when the conversation was fresh in my mind but what it broke down into was more or less "old guys" vs. "younger guys" (no offense meant by those generalizations)

    Old School Thinking (in a broad paraphrase) - if you don't pop a door or the such there is no "entrapment"

    Newer Thinking (again broad paraphrase) - if the patient can not remove themselves from the vehicle, or if they can not remove themselves from the vehicle without some hazard being mitigated this could constitute "entrapment".

    Let me know what ya think.
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    We use "entrapment" and "confinement."

    Entrapment - the victim is physically "pinned" in the vehicle due to the structural integrity of the passenger compartment being compromised (i.e. pinned by dash, steering wheel, roof, door, etc.)

    Confinement - the victim is able to move freely w/in the vehicle, however is unable to self-extricate due to damage to the vehicle (i.e. door is jammed)

    Hopefully that helps.

    Stay Safe

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    We use the terms "trapped" and "positionally trapped".

    Positionally Trapped- The only thing hindering egress from the vehicie may be a door to be popped or similar. ie:no part of the car is actually pinning them in, such as the dash or floorpan, etc.

    Trapped- They are pinned by components of the vehicle.

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    "Official" definitions (Oxford Concise Dictionary):

    Entrapment: to catch (as in) trap; beguile (person to destruction etc, into doing)

    Confinement: imprisonment, being confined or limited to a space or area.

    With the above definitions in mind, I would have to agree with PA Volunteer's concept of how a person is entraped or confined within a vehicle.

    In one case the person cannot exit the vehicle due to being confined by reason of vehicle damage. "The mouse in a cage, running around with no place to go."

    In the second case, the person is held within the vehicle due to a part of that vehicle actually preventing the person from exiting, regardless of vehicle damage. "Doors are open, but no one gets out."
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    Entrapment = you have to use a tool bigger than Paramedic Shears to get them out.

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