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    Default What would happen if ?

    First off I would like to say that this thread is suppose to be in good fun or jest and is ment to ponder some question that have bugged me or you during the length of our carrer so lets get started

    QUESTION # 1 What if fire trucks were changed back to the old open cab concept?

    " " # 2 What if no one knew how to cook in the firehouse?

    " " # 3 What if the TV only got one station ?

    " " # 4 What if Newbies got to be in charge for a day?

    " " # 5 What if cops didn't park in front of a building that was on fire?

    " " # 6 What if the web team didn't police these fourms?

    " " # 7 What would happen if the NFPA was required to have an IACOJ member run the show?

    " " # 8 What if the brothers from the west coast had to fight fires on the east coast and east coast brothers had to work on the west coast? (north and south for the brothers from canada)

    " " # 9 What if town and city councils were helpful

    and the # 10 Question what if there were no fires to fight?

    Have at it boys and girls
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    Mike IAFF

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    if no one knew how to cook then i would just eat tv dinners.

    and if there were no fires then u wouldnt need how to cook because there would be no fire company
    Jeff Gurski

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    #1 - I'd have nowhere to put all my flashy blinky gizmos.
    #2 - No one does.
    #3 - there are other stations?
    #4 - just ask one, they already are in charge.
    #5 - their donuts would get cold.
    #6 - Sta7Cadet would be running IACOJ!
    #7 - it would be an honored and respected organinzation.
    #8 - East and West would be driving into the ocean since it would be on the wrong side. Other question, what would happen if we travelled to Australia and vice versa?
    #9 - and the sky was purple, the sun rose at night, and ...
    #10 - there would be a lot less to read about on these forums.

    First off I would like to say that this thread is suppose to be in good fun or jest

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    Answers to 2,3,4,6,7 and 8; CHAOS WOULD REIGN!

    and for questions 1,5 and 9 the most likely one to come true is the helpful city council, and we know how soon that would happen.

    As for question 10; you wouldn't be asking the question because this board wouldn't exist.
    "What makes a person run into a building others are running out of?...Character."- Dennis Smith


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    #1- Sounds good to me
    #2- Are there still microwaves?
    #3- It would be the same as when we lose the remote
    #4- Never happen
    #5- There would be nothing to push out of the way
    #6- This would be ugly
    #7- Things would be done right
    #8- Same fires, different time zones
    #9- Things would be too easy
    #10- I dont even want to think about that

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