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    Default Hydraulic Forcible Entry Tools

    Looking for some advice on hydraulic forcible entry tools, (rabbit tool).

    Just trying to get an idea of what brands are out there, what success people have had with them, any pro's or con's, as well as preferences over 1 piece unit, or seperate pump & tool set up.

    Thanks alot.


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    Both Lukas and Holmatro have hand operated "all-in-one" units. ie:spreader/cutter (combi-tool) with the pump in built into it.

    Recently though, Holmatro released a battery operated one. I believe it runs off a DeWalt rechargable battery. Don't know much more about it.

    Check out Holmatro. Holmatro-USA

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    The hydra ram from fire hooks unlimited is a pretty good unit. I've used several of theirs and never seen a problem. I think they have a newer unit with some improvements. We also had some Hurst and the original Clemens Rabbit tool. Heavier and bigger.. I think whatever advantages of a smaller head unit are lost with the overall size of the unit. One thing we did with our 2 piece tools was retro the hose and ram fittings to be able to adapt to small porta power spreaders for car fires, etc...

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    We have the Hydra Ram. Sweet tool. Evaluate all before choosing. That way you will be satified.
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    I also have to vote for the hydra-ram. The rabbit tool is good and still works, but the hydra-ram is lighter, able to be used by one person, and from what we determined, more efficient then the rabbit. We found that for every 1 pump of the ram, the rabbit tool took 3.

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    Both good tools but found the ram to be top heavy
    at the head, it tended to tilt out of door jam when
    pumping. Un-like rabbit were you had 2 hands on head
    and 2 nd man pumping. Its not really a problem , you
    just got to play with tool to find what works best.
    I found instead of facing door , kneel or stand sideways
    with shoulder to door and 1 hand on cylinder or head and 2nd hand
    on handle . It keeps head from tilting out and sliping
    out of door jam. Works well on floor above in heavy smoke
    easyier to find jam. Both are good tools but handle differently
    when forcing doors.

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