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    Cool Foam Drill

    My FD had a foam drill this past Sunday. Our training officer had secured a grant from the state for training an the money was used to buy foam. It was the first time for many and the first time in a long time for everyone else to use foam. We kept it kind of informal, concentrating on the 3 basic types of delivery. Everyone got some good training out of it. Click on the link and open the "my album" to see some pictures. Hope you enjoy them.
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    It certainly is a different experiance when you finally get to do some of the things that up till now you have only been able to talk to death. I have the pleasure of having an onboard 35 gal prepiped foam system on my engine but whenever I ask to do a foam evalution to experiance the pumping of the system and the friction loss, all I ever get to do is to use some of the oldest and most foul smelling stuff that we get donated to us by the Air Force, and use it in the inline method. I know it is a foam drill but there is a difference in the pumping of an onboard system and the inline foam eductor. Lots of extra levers to pull in the proper order, both starting and stopping the flow, and then the flushing of the system that you don't have to do with a straight hose line with the eductor stuck somewhere in the length of hose. I'm sure you all made a mess which is part of the fun of make foam piles. As a suggestion if you have a large Military base somewhere close by maybe you can get them to donate some of the old stuff so you can share in the experiance a little more often. I would guess that if the base is large enough to have their own firefighting equipment then they probably have a supply of foam. Just something to think about. Good luck, and stay safe.

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    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun that day! It feels good to get some good training in like that, eh.

    We don't practice real often with foam, but we do get out once in a while - usually to "burn off" some of the old stock.

    We get just enough car fires through the year to be able to use it for real, and nearly all of us have had a chance to lay it down either as pump op, or from the nozzle end of the business.

    Aside from using our one low and one medium expansion nozzles, we normally run with a standard 1-1/2 nozzle off the preconnect on the engine. We are currently looking into adding a dedicated foam nozzle for the preconnect.
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