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    Question More Leather Helmet Questions

    I was just wondering, what exactly is the difference between the Sam Houston and the New Yorker ( other than about $50) I have never had the two of them side by side to compare.
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    One of the helmets (I believe it is the Sam Houston) is only OSHA compliant while the other (New Yorker) is OSHA and NFPA compliant. It has something to do with the impact cap and suspension if I recall properly.
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    It's the opposite DaSharkie. The "Sam Houston" is NFPA compliant, but the "New Yorker" is OSHA compliant. We can't use the New Yorker in Ohio because our gear has to be NFPA compliant per Ohio regs. One of the reasons for the difference is the impact cap and some requirements in NFPA as to penetration protection. Another is the requirement for either a shield or goggles for the NFPA regs. Bourkes meet OSHA, but not NFPA. You can have 'em on your helmet, but you still have to have the shield or the goggles to meet regs. Go figure.
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    What he said!

    There is an extra layer, or a layer of kevlar in the Houston for additional penetration protection (or APP) (sorry I just made that up ). There is a significant weight difference between the 2 as well, with the Houston weighing in at 71oz. Forget the skin, you got the whole cow on your head.

    Wouldn't have it any other way.....besides, think of the strength buildup in those neck muscles.

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    Talking Leather 4 ever!!!!

    I use a Sam Houston. Some of our firefighters bought there own New Yorkers in the past but as of now the only true leather we are allowed to use at a fire is the Sam Houston. The main difference is the stronger skull cap. The two helmets do look similar but not exatly. The New Yorker has a longer rear bill and the cap is smaller because of the different skull cap.

    The 'samy' is a little heavy BUT it works well. I have called upon the protective qualities of my leather to save my over stuffed melon on a few occasions and it still works/looks good.

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    Steamer - have you heard the rumor Ohio is supposedly changing regulations to allow bourkes?

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