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    Question Workout Policies while on Duty

    I'm wondering what are some of the policies regarding working out on duty? I'm trying to suggest that we should be able to workout on duty to our chief, but he doesn't think we have time to do it. So I need some ideas on your workout policies

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    See my reply to this Question on the other thread you posted this on.
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    Default Downtime

    In our department we have downtime from 1700-0700. The 0700-1700 time is for daily duties, company activities, training, and equipment repairs- I think you know the routine. We have two options- first, a company officer, if their station has completed their daily actions, may begin workouts at 1600 hours. Sometimes we workout inthe weight rooms other times we go out and shoot hoops, play football, or other "team" building type sports. IF the day is too busy most of us workout after 1700 hours- again , this is our ready time and can pretty much do what we want around the house. If you want to sell the workout plan to your chief, do the research and present it as a "health and wellness" initiative. Having healthier firefighters reduces job related injuries and disabilities. This technique may get you further. Capt. King, L3112
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