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    I already have learned to play tenors and snare. i learned tenors first, then snare. I was thining the Pearl (cant remember which series) with the kevlar drum corp style heads, like my marching band uses. Havent cracked one all year. They have an awesome sound! What about the money.... where in the world is all that money gonna come from?
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    Again, I need to read all of the threads- I'd have missed out on this opportunity.

    I have the musical end of the pipes- a beautiful black chanter made from aircraft aluminum that my wife gave me. Problem is, I need to practice. But I'm inspired now, so I'll break it out and put a new reed in it and let fly. My wife says that she'll get me the rest if I can at least SOUND like I know what I'm doing.

    After a few Guinness, anything that comes out of that pipe sounds like I know what I'm doing.
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