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    Unhappy WTC Medic's suicide

    As posted in Firehouse.com today Daniel Stewart was listed as committing suicide due to the traumatic effects of his work at the WTC. I hope his death will serve as a reminder to all firefighters, medics, etc. to reach out when they need support. I purposefully post on LODD because in my mind his death is directly related (from the article posted) to his work at WTC. The toll is still rising on our loss...

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    Thanks for posting on this subject Dill. I believe that he will only be the first unless preventative steps are taken. I know that CISD is in place for those involved, as well that counselling has been "offered" to those who feel they may need it. However, I feel that this counselling should be made mandatory, not everyone will ask for help if it is just a "suggested" measure. What happened at the WTC is the worst loss of life in the EMS history, what the rescue workers saw there are things that no one should ever have to experience in their lifetimes. I don't think that anyone was/is prepared to deal with the magnitude of that event. I think we all knew that it was only a matter of time before someone took their own lives because of an inability to cope with the horrors they experienced. I just pray that others who are having the same difficulty will reach out, there has already been too many lost, let's not lose anymore if we can help it. I feel awful that Daniel Stewart took this route as a means to escape the awful memories, and I pray for his family.

    Anyone who may read this, who is experiencing difficulties dealing with things PLEASE talk to someone, talk to anyone, don't hold it in, don't think you are protecting anyone by not sharing what you experienced. I pray for you all daily, may you find peace and comfort somewhere within yourselves.
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    God Bless the family of Daniel Stewart. I have been in contact with his friends, we agree he should be remembered for the work he did, the people he served, and honor with which he did his job. Clearly another casualty of 9-11.
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