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    Question Friction Loss, Coeficients, and More

    A few years ago there was a nozzle manufacturer that sold handheld calculators for figuring friction loss, gpm, pump pressure so forth and so on. It is my understanding these handhelds are no longer in production. My question is, has anyone used Excel to try and duplicate the formulas, and if so, will it work on a Palm Handheld.
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    Akron Brass was the manufacturer of what was essentially a scientific calculator preprogrammed with the formulas to calculate various fireground hydraulic questions.
    They quit making the unit for a while, but it's back in production. Here's a link for the calculator.

    I remember reading here on the forums of someone that had set up the formulas in Excel, but I'm not sure if it would work on a Palm or not. I'll see if I can find who it was. I tuck that kind of info away for times like this, but my filing system is sometimes "lacking".
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