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    Default Amphibious (they float!) All-Terrain Vehicles

    Hello there,

    My name is Adam Bender and I'm employed at Ontario Drive and Gear Ltd. We manufacture Amphibious (they float!) All-Terrain Vehicles called Argo's and Centaurs. These vehicles have wonderful remote and wildfire applications. Our website is www.odg.com. I would love to hear feedback from the experts on how useful you believe our vehicles can be. Please take the time to have a look and write me back. It's a very interesting website. Thanks a lot! Have a great one.


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    Default Interesting, Matt.

    The Centaur would be fine for a strickly fire role, but I wouldn't want to strap a patient on a backboard on one with that stack right there. I have looked at the Argos in the past. They do look intersting, but I would like to see a higher weight rating. The reason I say I would like a higher weight rating, is what we go to the field with. Two guys, at say 250# each, then add gear, another 30# each. Let's say 50 gallons of water, a pump of some sort, hand tools, etc. We are at or above the 1000# limit. You see the same thing in EMS situations. Two or three people on the rig plus the patient. Over the weight rating. It doesn't do a lot for us on EMS runs, but we can run 4 wheelers into wildfire situations with a 20 gallon tank, and get in and out pretty fast for good knockdown. It would also be nice to have rollbars and an extended deck for a backboard with room for a couple of people to be able to assist a patient while one person drives. I love the product you have, and would love to have one personally, but cannot afford it right now. Good luck with it and be safe.
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    I have always wanted one for the dept and for myself, but the are too expesive First time i ever saw them was on maximum drive (an old TV show) and from then on i wanted one, then finaly saw 2 in person. Both of them used by a rescue squad, in a moch incident. The only problem seemed to be the slow movement in water. You cant really go much faster in water without a prop... One with a higher weight rating would be nice! To save weight, argo could design one where the pump runs off of the argo's engine. Put the argo in neutral, and pull a lever, and the pump is in gear, much like PTO. That would save weight by not having another engine to run the pump. The only downside is whether or not you can pump and roll. But otherwise i thing theses things are EXCELENT!

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    Default Gibbs Terraquad....(Gibbs and Lockheed Martin)

    In use now proto types....

    Wanna really beefy ATV that converts to amphib in 5 seconds?......


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