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    Exclamation Infant Crushed by Falling TV

    I am at a loss on this one. A two month old baby killed by a TV. I don't recall any reports of earthquakes in the area. At two months old the child certainly couldn't pull it down on top of himself. I am trying to reserve judgement here. If anyone has more info on this story would you post it here please.


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    Having lived in Calgary for about 4 yrs, I am pretty sure the earthquake thought is pretty remote, not to say it couldn't happen, all things are possible. However, there would be a pretty substantial report on that if there had been one.

    A 2yr old being big enough to reach out to any TV and bring it down.... welll? I have two boys (age 2-1/2 and 1 tomorrow: 14 June) and at 2 months age neither one was capable of much beyond making lots of noise, and messy shorts. And at roughly 7 pounds and 20 inches long each, they couldn't reach much if it wasn't in hands grasp distance.

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    I too had the same thoughts when I read the story, however, we should not pass judgement or jump to conclusions without knowing what happened. Perhaps the TV was not set on a proper stand, therefore being unsturdy, and could have been bumped by another child or as someone walked by. Call me paranoid or whatever but when my kids were that small I was always surveying potential hazards and keeping them away from anything that someone could inadvertantly knock over onto them. I feel for the family here, I can't imagine such a horrific thing happening to one of my children.
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    On the way to the station. Really. It's 12 kilometers away and there's traffic.


    I listened to this call while off-duty at home (it wasn't in my area, mind you). While I too wonder how a child of that age could manage such a feat, I have learned not to rule anything out anymore. There was an incident last year here where a toddler died after managing to light some kind of box on fire on top of a stove.

    The overriding thought I had while listening to the call the other day, though, was sorrow for the mother and the father of this poor kid.


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    Unhappy How awful!

    It was not clear precisely how the tragedy unfolded, or how many more people were in the house at the time.
    Details are very scarce...and I would like to know more. It sounds all rather incredible, doesn't it?

    Very sad indeed!
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    Makes you wonder
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    My early childhood included some pretty daring climbing technique and now I hear that my nephews are similarly gifted. I would say that I hope that something like that is involved (although hope doesn't sound like an appropriate word for such a tragic event) rather than some act of stupidity or worse, abuse.

    I, for one, am now trying to figure out how to anchor my TV set into the cabinet. My daughter can't reach that high yet, but with kids, you never know.
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    Sounds very supicious, but, I will play the devils advocate here. The information provided is at the bare minimum. We don't know if there were pets in the house, nor other children. We don't know the placement of the TV. Was it on a flimsy TV stand? Perhaps the mother rushed into the room that the TV was in to check on her child and accidently bumped the TV, and the TV was unstable. There is no mention of the size of the TV either. The only people who know the entire situation is the rescuers that responded to this unfortunate call. They know they layout of the house. They saw the scene of the accident. And I am sure they follow the rules of conduct about talking to the press about giving out information about the accident. So, unless we have more information, we should not judge the mother until all the facts surrounding the investigation have been completed.

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