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    Angry *$#@%*@#-There Are No Words !!

    May this low life burn in hell.
    Reputed ringleader of torture murder convicted

    (Buffalo-AP) -- A Buffalo man faces life in prison for the
    torture and killing of a high school student whose burned body was
    found in a trash can.
    A judge in Buffalo convicted William Lauderdale yesterday in a
    non-jury trial in the January 2001 killing of 17-year-old James
    Jerome Mack.
    Prosecutors say Lauderdale was the ringleader in the attack on
    the teen, who was hit with beer bottles, choked with an electrical
    cord, sexually assaulted and then drowned in a bathtub before his
    body was set on fire and dumped behind a church.
    The 21-year-old Lauderdale was the first of five suspects to
    face justice.
    Diana Mack -- the victim's mother -- wasn't satisfied with the
    judge's verdict, saying she felt Lauderdale was guilty on all
    counts, including two lesser murder charges.
    Lauderdale gets a mandatory life term at his sentencing on
    August 12th.

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    Animals, pure animals. The death penalty is too good for these morons.
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    ah....mmm...I.....well.......I am without words to describe this

    see post for details

    UN-FREAKIN-BELEIVABLE........what is wrong with this world!

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