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    Question Lights in PA and NJ

    I know in PA and NJ, regular firefighters and EMTs are only allowed to run blue lights. Who is allowed to run reds and sirens in volunteer ambulance and fire services in PA and NJ?

    What have been your experiences(personal or witnessed) with officers running red lights and sirens. Does it make a difference?

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    In Nj , Fire cheifs can run A red Light & siren but they need a permit
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    Cool Woo woo, WOOOOOOO woo woo

    In Pennsylvania, the number of officers allowed to run reds and sirens independent on the number of fire apparatus your department operates. The captain of the fire police can also run reds and sirens.

    The key to the lights is that you may use them WITH DUE REGARD TO THE PUBLIC'S SAFETY. a.k.a. if you wreck, it's YOUR FAULT!

    Keep Safe,


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