Thoughts and prayers go out to these individuals and their families. I wish them a speedy recovery.
Three firefighters burned battling Cahon Pass fire

(San Bernardino-AP) -- Smoke and flames have overrun two fire
engine crews battling a wildfire that is raging through Cajon Pass
in the San Bernardino Mountains.
A state forestry spokeswoman says three firefighters suffered
first- and second-degree burns. They are to be stabilized and then
transferred to a burn center in Los Angeles.
Fire officials say the injured firefighters had been brought in
from another area of California.
The 44-hundred-acre fire began yesterday and flared up again
this afternoon, shutting down Interstate 15 -- the main route
between Southern California and Las Vegas.
A voluntary evacuation has been suggested for homes in the Oak
Hills area.
Nearly 600 firefighters and 13 water-dropping aircraft are
battling the blaze. Firefighters estimate it's just ten percent

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