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    Thumbs up Beating the odds!

    God was watching this explorer!

    Diver rescued from Panhandle cave after six hours

    MARIANNA, Fla. (AP) - Divers missing in caves seldom get out
    alive, but Mark Orr beat the odds when he was rescued six hours
    after getting lost.
    Scott Hunsucker, a certified cave diver from Pensacola, found
    Orr, 26, of Escatawpa, Miss., Saturday night. Not only was Orr
    alive, he had just awakened from a nap when Hunsucker swam into the
    cavern where he had taken refuge.
    "He came up about a foot away from me," Orr said Monday. "I
    said, 'Hey, you lookin' for a dead man?' "
    That's exactly what a startled Hunsucker thought he would find.
    "You go in there looking for a corpse and the corpse ends up
    talking to you," Hunsucker said.
    Orr is believed to be only the fourth person recovered alive out
    of nearly 500 divers reported missing in caves since 1960 in
    Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean, according to the Texas-based San
    Marcos Area Recovery Team.
    Orr, Scottie Dickerson and William Donald, all of Escatawpa, and
    Paul Covington of Theodore, Ala., came to the Florida Panhandle
    looking for a cave to dive. All are certified to dive in open
    water, not in caves.
    Of the divers who have died in caves, more than 95 percent were
    not certified for cave diving, said Hunsucker, the region's rescue
    cave diver.
    "It's not the caves that are bad or that cause these things to
    happen," Hunsucker said. "It's a lack of training."
    Orr said his group was looking for a cave called The Alamo, but
    ended up at Marianna's Bat Cave.
    It is only partly submerged, with the space above water level
    serving as a home to bats. That's what saved Orr after he became
    disoriented when the divers kicked up silt that obscured their
    He was separated from the other divers and unable to find the
    guide rope they use to find their way out, but he remembered the
    cavern with an air pocket they had explored earlier.
    Orr reached it with only a few breaths left in his air tank and
    crawled onto a ledge to get out of the chilly water.
    He prayed and then fell asleep, awakening to a glow in the water
    he knew was a rescuer.

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    good thing it was the wrong cave
    Craig Walker

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    That is not the way I want to go.
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