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    Default I pulled someone out of a house fire last night. I am a civilian.

    I was on my way to my Part Time job last night and I see smoke on the side of this house. I figure it was a BBQ, I look back just to check. I see flames roaring out of the back/kitchen door. I lock 'em up and put it in reverse and parked my car in a driveway across the street.
    I run towards the house yelling " Is there anyone in the house?"
    This lady says"My husband is in there!!!!!!"
    I get to the door and yell for him.I see the lady from next door with a fire extinguisher in her hand and I tell her to throw it to me. I put out what fire I could with the extinguisher and was yelling for the guy to come out the whole time. He finally appears and I help him out and then I go in and start kicking stuff that was on fire out the door. I go out to check on him and I see a garden hose right outside the door. I turn it on and start knocking the fire down and progressed towards the basement. He tries to come back in and I wouldn't let him. I then tell him to got open his garage door for ventilation(there was a door to the garage right there). He does and the comes and tries to take the hose from me and he wanted to go into the basement. I tell him to get out at first and then I tell him to push his kitchen table towards the living room. I am putting water on the fire the whole time. I threw two kitchen chairs out the door and was kicking stuff out of the way. I finally hear the trucks coming up the block and ran out the street to direct them to where it was. I run back into the house and tell the guy to get out. He is standing at the basement door and I take him down by grabbing the back of his jeans. I stayed with him and kept him from going down into the basement. He was stuggling to get closer and I keep pulling him back. A fire chief appears in the door and tells us to get out. I tell the chief that he won't leave. Finally, after dragging him to the door he stands up and we walk out. HE is exhausted and we put our arms around each other and walked over the neighbors house and sat on the lawn. EMS checked us out and we were both transported to different hospitals.
    At the hospital I got a nebulizer treatment and they took blood to make sure my levels were o.k.
    I went back to get my car after the hospital and the guy sees me and yells out "there he is, theres the guy" He grabs me and hugs me. Then every member of his family hugged me,shook my hand and thanked me.
    One lady said "You are our hero"
    Another said "Thank god for you"
    The guy says "I was fighting this guy more than the fire" and " If you let me go I could have knocked it out"
    I said " And god knows what could have happened to you"
    I said " I am alive, you are alive that is all that matters"
    And I go to leave and the guy says "We don't even know your name" I simply said "Dan".
    I really don't think I am a hero, I just helped out a fellow man in his time of need.

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    As the originator of this thread stated on June 29, 2001 in a post that they were a firefighter, and states the opposite here, we have closed this thread pending further information.


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