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    Default Air chisel bits

    Need some help guys and gals...

    I want to put into an extrication PowerPoint Presentation the different bits for the air chisel and their main uses. Does anyone know a website that would have this? Or can people post pictures they might have here and give a brief description of what the bit is used to cut?
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    here it is. The site has standard names for them and we dont use all of them. But it has the pics and the stats.

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    A Posting from Forum Moderator Ron Moore

    In any training program about air chisels, I would emphasize a few teaching points. First, of all the many designs and styles of chisel bits, the two most essential ones are the panel cutter and the flat chisel. I prefer the double panel cutter bit for single layer cutting; the second point of the double panel cutter bit is there as a 'spare' if the first point breaks. For thick stuff, the flat chisel with the sharpened, curved blade bit is the essential bit of choice.

    Air chisel training should include these teaching points:

    When using the flat chisel, cut 'around' the object, attacking it from all sides. Do not attempt to push the chisel bit 'through' the object. It will only get jammed into the material.

    You can use one hand to guide as chisel bit it as it cuts. All it does is vibrate and that won't hurt you. Your cutting will be more efficient if you hold onto the bit and guide it along the cut.

    Treat a pressurized air chisel as you would a loaded weapon. Don't aim it at anyone you care about.

    Bleed the pressure off the entire system before disconnecting. Press the chisel bit against something then depress the trigger until the noise stops. Don't bleed a chisel bit without pressing it against something first. Operating a tool while the bit is unloaded will eventually damage the barrel and the flared end of the bits.

    In a real situation with a conscious patient trapped, work in short bursts. Run the chisel, stop and make sure the medic and the patient are OK, then work some more. The air chisel is the noisiest tool we use at a vehicle rescue incident.

    Know your tools' duration. 2,200psi cylinders have 45 cubic feet of air. 4,500psi cylinders contain 70 cubic feet. Know the CFM (cubic feet per minute) air consumption rate of your tool so you'll have some idea of how much cutting time you have.

    Know the sound of air hissing past the steel barrel of your air chisel gun. The barrel will work loose from the pistol-grip housing as you use the gun and air will hiss by it. Know that sound and know how to simply tighten the barrel into the housing to prevent this air loss. It happens all the time.

    Buy a Kwik Cut air chisel outfit from Howell Rescue in Dayton OH. There really is no air tool that can compare to what this system can do at a rescue scene. Up to 300psi operation with amazing results.
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    Hey Adze, if you haven't alreadt done so, check out the link below to another recent forum regarding air chisels. Forum- Air Chisel

    Hope this also helps.

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