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    Default How many cities does your dispatch center provide dispatch service for?

    My department belongs to the Verdugo Fire Communication Center
    Verdugo handles dispatch for 9 cities
    Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, South Pasadena ,San Marino, San Gabriel, Monrovia, Arcadia and Sierra Madre


    Does your dispatch center provide dispatching services for just your city or do also provide dispatch services for other cities as well?

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    Based on my best quick count, Berks County Communications provides all dispatching services for:

    39 police departments
    20 EMS squads
    73 fire departments

    This covers our entire county, except for 2 police departments that have their own dispatch centers and 2 or 3 fire departments at various places near the county line that happen to be better served by the neighboring counties' communications centers.

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    i work for toronto, ontario, fire department. we recently amalgamated the 6 old smaller cities in the toronto area. now we operate from 1 centralized dispatch centre. we now have 80 fire halls, with 128 pieces of apparatus (including pumpers, rescue pumpers, heavy rescue squads, aerials and other elevating devices, 1 hazardous materials unit, 2 decontamination units, various chiefs vans, and 1 fireboat). we have 4 calltakers, 6 dispatchers, 2 captains, and 1 district chief on duty on all shifts. all positions can do either call-taking or dispatching, and depending on call volumes, will do so as required. we run about 125,000 calls (actual calls where trucks are dispatched), per year.

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    My agency, TriCom Central Dispatch, handles:

    St Charles Police/Fire/EMS
    Geneva Police/Fire/EMS
    Batavia Police/Fire/EMS
    Elburn Fire/EMD

    Population of about 125,000
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    Default Bradford County Pa

    We dispatch for the entire county except state police, a rough figure is:

    EMS Sqauds- 14
    Fire Departments- 27
    Police Agency's- 15

    Plus we answer for several agency's during non-business hours such as: Salvation Army, Red Cross, Public Works, etc.

    We are the second largest county in the state as far as sq/miles, but we only have a population of 60,000 people. All this and only 2 dispatchers per shift!!!
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    We dispatch for all of Story County outside the city of Ames and the ISU Campus. They have thier own centers.

    We dispatch, 3 police departments, Sheriff's Office, 3 Ambulance services, 13 fire departments, & 12 first responder agencies. We answer all phone lines for the PD's and Sheriff's Office as well as all the 911 and 911 wireless outside the city of Ames. We are staffed with two dispatchers at all times.
    Last year we documented over 373,000 calls for service

    We serve about 74,000 people including Ames with a 476 sq. mile county.

    Our agency is also the answering point for the CISM Hotline in the state of Iowa.
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