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    Default FDNY Memorial Web Site

    I have designed a Memorial WebSite to honor the heroes who perished on 9-11. Please help honor these braves souls by visiting the site at www.bravestmemorial.com
    Thank you,
    Firefighter Vinny Petrocelli


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    Thumbs up Excellent Job Vinnie

    Very nice website, Brother.
    Very fitting memorial.

    Keep Safe and Keep the Faith

    Jim Mc RN-C, FF/EMT

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    I agree, great website. I'm going to save it to our favorites and show the rest of the guys.

    I was surprised when I read the editorial by Beth Quinn. It's true that only a fraction of those lost in the twin towers were firefighters, that a lot were office workers, janitors, kitchen staff, elevator workers, waiters, and more. I hope I will never understand the grief that comes when someone you love loses thier life in such a senseless act. I imagine it's even tougher when you are a wife or husband who probably had a strained financial situation before this, with both of you working and trying to make ends meet. But, the amount of firefighters who lost thier lives that day is staggering. More than my entire department. Think about that for a moment. Every single person you worked with wiped out in a single blow. And why? Not because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because they did what I hope any of us would have done. They went up there to help people who they thought were trapped in a burning building.

    And that, Beth Quinn, makes all the difference.

    Just my thoughts


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