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    Post Promotional Exams

    Just a curious question to all How many books does your Dept. require you to read for an Officers Promotional Exam I am taking the Lt. Exam and we are required 5 different books plus dept S.O.P.'s alot of reading but am determined to do the best I can.
    1. Dept. S.O.P's
    2. Fire Officers Handbook of Tatics (John Norman)
    3. Safery and Survival on the Fireground (Vincent Dunn)
    4. Incident Management for Street smart Officer (Skip Coleman)
    5. Effective Supervisory Practices (ICMA)
    6. Fire Service Personal Management (Steven Edwards)
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    Our promo exams are administered by the state so no SOP questions specific to our dept. We aren't "required" to read anything before the test, BUT if you expect to do well enough to get promoted or even pass it for that matter, you better darn well read somthing. The list you posted is very good indeed. Very well rounded and from good sources, most notably the Dunn safety book.
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    20-25 different books depending on how complete you want to study. Assuming 1% of the test might come from building codes, many will not waste time going through all the material.

    Our basic, bread and butter, study material is about 15,000 pages.

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    We have 18 books that they pull from plus maps, SOP's and truck specs. Plus, just to throw you off they say that not all questions have to come from their list. Just a suggested reading. Almost makes you wonder if studing is worth it. You can study everything and still not know enough.

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    Default Study

    Engine5-ff is right about New York state promo exams......On my last two exams the break down questions went like this

    Question 1-60 all firefighting tactics/codes/building enforcement

    Question 61-75 all E.M.S.

    Question 76-85 situation/Supervisory

    Question 86-100 Reading comprehension

    Question 101-110 test question

    I study alot of basic firefighting books ex: IFSTA FF-1 and 2, ladder and engine company operation and FF review cards . I seemed to work because I got a promotion ....good luck
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